Sneak Peek

Update (29/03): The full details of the completed project can be found here.

Ever since I trashed my Vios back in July, lots of friends has been asking me about the condition of the car after it was released from the workshop, I'm quite satisfied with the workmanship as my family has known the workshop for more than 10 years.

While the car was being repaired in the workshop, in my mind I was planning to give the car an entire makeover in terms of performance and handling before I drive it on the road again.

Well, the car has been sitting in GT Auto's garage for the past 1.5 months undergoing a bolt-on turbo transformation and I'm looking forward to collect the car for a test drive this coming weekend.

Hell, they even put it in under their featured cars within their website.

Here's a sneak peak of the work in progress:

Evo III Intercooler with aluminium piping & Samco hose

The Garrett turbine with ceramic coating on the downpipe and turbine housing

Close up shot of the turbine

Engine bay - Work still in progress

ATF Cooler

Engine Oil Cooler

All the coolers in place

Hotbits DT1 Coil Overs with Canister (Front)

Hotbits DT1 Coil Overs with Canister (Rear)

Sandwich for oil filter

Twin exhaust setup

Almost completed engine bay

The pipings are back from polishing

The Greddy Intelligent Informeter Touch

Informeter Touch unwrapped

The VTTR package

The disc rotor and the brake caliper

Fitted with my old Advanti 17' rims

Had to change the rims with a proper offset so that the tires would not scratch the fender

Upgraded to Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57 with Eagle F1 Rubbers

Final outlook of the car, stock standard outlook.

Crashed Toyota Vios

I trashed the Vios last night, so its going to be in the garage for the next 3 weeks.

I always wondered how it feels like when the airbags blows up during an accident, and now I finally got to experience it myself. But the impact was too minimal so I don't think the airbags really done me any protection. I wasn't even wearing my seat belts.

And the irritating thing is my face was covered with some sort of powder/dust from the air bags. Hopefully I don't get any pimples from it hehe! :P

Luckily the chassis of the car was not damaged, and once the car is out then off it goes to GT Auto for the installation of the stage 1 turbo kit.

Then we'll see how it'll fare in the same corner again.

Damage done to the front bumpers

The headlights was untouched

Windscreen was cracked though

And the dual air bags popped out, why the color difference?

Police report was made and I'm all good