TRD Vitz RS Turbo - Half Cut

While searching around for a manual transmission, we came across this rare unit of a scrapped TRD Vitz RS Turbo from Japan.

Together with David we picked Toby up from GT Auto this morning to check out the unit, we fired it up and the engine came to life.

We decided to purchase the gearbox.

Now with the transmission sorted out, we're one step closer and we will be looking to throw in a final gear ratio set, a 1.5 way LSD and a short shifter.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Nitrous Oxide

I was at GT Auto last Saturday and had a brief discussion with Toby, he thinks he could put down around 250 PS to the wheels with the Garrett GT2554R turbo.

Personally I'm quite skeptical as the compressor map from Garrett's website indicates that the turbo is rated for a maximum output of 270 PS on the crank, but since Toby said so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed.

A 250 PS daily driven car should be a lot of fun to drive, but knowing that we're planning to swap in a manual transmission (if we're able to locate one) we're thinking of pushing the envelope a bit further by going 300 PS on the wheels.

Even with the oversized pistons fitted in, the engine will probably only have a maximum of 1600cc displacement and going with a larger turbo will definitely introduce some lag which I'm not really a big fan of.

If you ever know Toby personally, you'll probably heard one of his famous tagline which goes like this, "No lag, no power."

Well, if I still want the power without any lag I guess the only option left would be good old nitrous oxide.

So, here I am with 2 bottles of laughing gas.

I think I've gone mad.

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Stage 2 Turbo Project - Started

Dropped the car off GT Auto this morning and had a brief discussion with Toby, after that I hitched a ride with David and headed off straight to the office.

Finally we're starting the long awaited stage 2 turbo project, the car will be off the streets for the next couple of months and we'll be lucky if Toby can return the car to me by March or April.

Lots of other stuffs will be going in as well such as a standalone engine management, a manual transmission, boron nitride spray, port & polish and a Racepak IQ3 dash display. We're also planning to use Haltech's full range of sensors independent to the car's stock sensors for increased accuracy.

The car would also need some work done on the aerodynamics, there was a couple of times the car was doing over 200 km/h and there wasn't enough down force to keep the car planted to the ground so I had to back it off.

Damn depressed they put my car next to a Skyline
Makes me feel like a little lamb :P

Master tuner Toby Lee
One of the main man behind GT Auto

The car might have a chance to be featured in an Australian car magazine if everything goes well as planned.

310 WHP Toyota Yaris

For my year 2010's first entry, this post is dedicated to Garm from Micro Image to show my support, respect and admiration for the amazing work that he has done to his Toyota Yaris.

Pushing out 310 HP and 273 lb-ft of torque to the wheels, the entire engine has been stripped and rebuilt with forged internals and is running a standalone engine management system from AEM.

273 lb-ft is around 37 kg-m, with that kind of torque and power to weight ratio I cannot imagine how would it feels like to drive this car out on the streets. But definitely it will be nothing short of spectacular.

I've obtained his permission to post up some pictures of his ride here, please check out his page if you wish to find out more about the project.

There's a video at the end of the pictures.