Stage 2 Turbo Project - Started

Dropped the car off GT Auto this morning and had a brief discussion with Toby, after that I hitched a ride with David and headed off straight to the office.

Finally we're starting the long awaited stage 2 turbo project, the car will be off the streets for the next couple of months and we'll be lucky if Toby can return the car to me by March or April.

Lots of other stuffs will be going in as well such as a standalone engine management, a manual transmission, boron nitride spray, port & polish and a Racepak IQ3 dash display. We're also planning to use Haltech's full range of sensors independent to the car's stock sensors for increased accuracy.

The car would also need some work done on the aerodynamics, there was a couple of times the car was doing over 200 km/h and there wasn't enough down force to keep the car planted to the ground so I had to back it off.

Damn depressed they put my car next to a Skyline
Makes me feel like a little lamb :P

Master tuner Toby Lee
One of the main man behind GT Auto

The car might have a chance to be featured in an Australian car magazine if everything goes well as planned.


hamzah said...

Wohoo good luck bro!
Cant wait to see the results when its done :)

kev said...

which mag, mate? haha, hook me up with the mag too, though my car is definitely not as hawt as u, haha

your car would serve major inspiration to vios/yaris owners worldwide. good luck man

Ju-Lian said...

the car with GT, definately good news in the end :)

will try to hook up with you end of the month :)

Jonboy said...

Let me know if you need some BN spray. We manufacture the stuff. I could send you a free can.

Firdaus Asri said...

Wohoooo bro!
Gonna be monster sooon!!!

Chew Soon said...

wow, am overwhelmed with the replies! thanks a lot for the encouraging comments guys! will try my best to post up information when the work is in progress.

currently, we're in talk with a US company about strengthening the auto transmission to match the new output of the engine.

jonboy, thanks a lot for your offer! i won't mind giving your product a go and post up a review here when the car is done!

if you're really planning to send something over, please do include marketing stuffs like brochures or stickers will be great so I can stick em all over my car! :)

kev said...

hey chang and jonboy,

i wonder what is bn spray about. curious, mind explaining?

Reuben said...

all the best bro!!!

Chew Soon said...

thanks alot bro reuben :)

kev, try google boron nitride :)