Initially this Toyota Vios was purchased for my younger brother James so that whenever he comes back for holiday from overseas he would have a car to drive around.

However when he obtained his permanent resident status in Australia, this car has been left sitting in the car porch for months as we all have our own cars to drive around.

I've driven the car a couple of times before and I really liked the handling of the car. The car is snappy and it maneuvers easily. It gets you in and out of the traffic without hassle and it is easy on the fuel consumption too.

What bothered me was how underpowered the car is, it has a set of 17' wheels and with an automatic transmission it seems to take forever to get the car moving.

We were thinking of selling the car away but the car had less than 8,000 km only on the odometer and my parents felt that it'll be quite a pity to just sell it off like that so at the end I offered to take over the car to please them.

I looked at the car and I was telling to myself, "If I'm gonna drive it around it will have to pack some decent power under the hood".

One evening I took the car out for a spin, the road was very slippery after a heavy rain. I took a corner too fast and trashed the car.

And so the journey began and I never looked back.