Stage 2 Turbo Project - Ross Racing Pistons & Crower Rods

Update (30/05/11): This set of pistons has been replaced with a custom set from Ross Racing as well with revised compression ratio and coated pistons crown.

If you are wondering why would I have another set of pistons and rods with me here, it is because we're actually building up two engines at the moment.

Engine one will be running CP forged pistons and Crower rods with custom regrind cams.

Engine two will be running Ross Racing pistons and Crower rods, together with the JUN 272 camshafts and Golden Eagle sleeves.

The major difference between the pistons from CP and the new Ross pistons is that they are custom made to 77mm with gas ports so that the rings will stay sealed when we rev the mutha f**ker over 8,000 RPM.

And with the new pistons we're also bringing up the engine displacement to 1.6 litre as well.

The items arrived today along with a whole bunch of others goodies while I was hanging around so here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

There are some rods from Oliver as well

The humor side of Ross Racing

Deep dish design

We did not teflon coat the piston skirts this round though

Notice those gas ports up there?

There is a reason why we stood with Crower rods

The individual packaging of the rods

You know their shot peening process is of quality when the surface looks like this

Stage 2 Turbo Project - JUN Auto Camshafts

Ever since JUN Auto's visit to GT Auto back in March 2009, JUN President Junichi Tanaka promised that they will immediately start researching parts for the 1NZ-FE engine when they return to Japan.

Well they made good their promise and released connecting rods for the 1NZ-FE engine back in April 2010. The news to the article can be found on their website here.

Now, as a result of partnership with GT Auto for the past few months they have now again developed parts for the 1NZ-FE engine.

This time its performance camshafts, and they come in 3 variations:

- 256 duration, 9.0mm lift (street spec)
- 272 duration, 9.5mm lift (NA spec)
- 272 duration, 10.5mm lift (turbo spec)

And best of all, VVT-i feature of the engine is retained even with the camshafts fitted.

Toyota Vios Turbo will be fitting in the 272 turbo spec camshafts as part of the stage 2 turbo project.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - GT Auto Fuel Rail

With the FIC fuel injectors in place, the stock fuel rail will no longer be sufficient to hold enough fuel supply to the new injectors.

GT Auto made this fuel rail for me and it is a direct plug and play to the cylinder head without any modifications required.

And best of all, it can be easily configured to fit both return or returnless fuel setup.

Just a note, besides my car they could also custom make the fuel for any car models.

Close up shot of the fuel rail

Frontal shot of the fuel rail

Rear shot of the fuel fail

Injector seats

Fuel supply inlet/outlet

Stage 2 Turbo Project - TRD Final Drive

For the past couple of months, we have been trying very hard to get hold of the TRD final drive set for the car but with no luck so far.

I was hoping to be able to get the 3.772 final gear set so that we could increase the top speed of the car. Especially now that the car has a lot more torque, I prefer to have less gear changes by going with a taller drive ratio and highway cruising will be just sweet.

I guess lady luck has been smiling at me.

We have given up and decided to go ahead and dismantle the transmission that I bought previously from the TRD Vitz Turbo half cut to install the Quaife LSD.

The moment we cracked open the gearbox something caught our eye. The color of the final drive looks somehow different. We took a closer look at it and to our surprise, the gearbox was already fitted with a TRD final gear set!

Much to our amazement, we immediately calculated the gear ratios and it is indeed the 3.772 final gear set that I have been looking for all along!

A quick calculation with the Quaife Speed Calculator I can now cruise the highway doing 110 km/h with less than 2800 rpm.

Not too shabby eh?

The Quaife LSD

The TRD final gear