Stage 2 Turbo Project - CP Pistons & Crower Rods

The replacement pistons finally arrived as the previous pistons provided by CP was actually a high compression design, bummer!

However the Crower rods doesn't need to be changed though, lucky me.

Anyhow we'll be fitting in the pistons and rods this week and we should be able to slap the engine back together and move on with the rest of the project.

Guess I'll be practicing engine warming for cold starts in the morning in the future!

The box looks different from the previous design

SC7445 - 75 mm standard size
SC7446 - 75.5 mm oversized
So don't mix it up folks

Finally they got the specs right this time, deep dish design

9.0 compression ratio

Teflon coating on the piston skirts

Crower packaging

Crower billet rods


Firdaus Asri said...

Very juicy bro :)

Mugil said...

nice yummy come u did not ceramic coat the piston crown?

Chew Soon said...

hehe thanks bro firdaus, juicy on the pistons but dry on my wallet :(

bro mugil, toby said he needed to prep the pistons before putting them in. does it mean he needs to put on some sort of a coating?

Mugil said...


i dont think so bro! he will need to measure the piston ring clearance tolerance to your block, which is part of the prep work. Coating is a separate thing. Ceramico can do it too, got mine recoated by them.

Chew Soon said...

oh shit talking about the piston rings, they just arrived couple of hours ago. better send them over to him first!

so you got your piston crowns coated huh? so far i only had my turbo manifold and down pipe coated. i'll check with him then, thanks for the info bro!