Okada Projects - Dyno Results

The dyno results for the Okada Projects Plasma Direct coils is finally out, the results are more than what we expected as the dyno machine was able to pick up the gains both in horsepower and torque.

It took us less than 10 minutes to swap the original coils out with the Okada and we took this opportunity to throw in a new set of plugs as well.

Autolite Iridium plugs

We did a base run and the car pulled 143.34 PS and 18.53 kg-m of torque at the wheels. With the Okada Projects coils fitted in, it gave us 153.01 PS and 19.45 kg-m of torque.

Blue: Without Okada coils
Red: With Okada coils

A first glance at the dyno chart it seems like the overall gains are not so impressive as we only gained around 9.67 PS and 0.92 kg-m of torque.

However we noticed that the gains are available throughout the entire powerband starting from 3,500 RPM all the way to the redline.

What caught us by surprise was not only the torque curve has been flatten, there is a peak gain of 14.22 PS and 2.02 kg-m of torque nearing the 5,000 RPM range.

In the past, the original coils simply just couldn't maintain sparks that were strong enough at the high RPM range to achieve a flatter torque curve. Seems like the Okada coils were able to get the job done.

Peak gain of 2.02 kg-m torque

Peak gain of 14.22 PS

Overall I'm quite impressed with the Okada coils, and would certainly recommend it to anyone whose interested in it. However, you would still need to find a good tuner who knows how to tune your car properly in order to enjoy the gains.

Besides the gain in power, the coils could also serve as a nice dressing item in your engine bay as well.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - FIC Fuel Injectors

Or better known as Fuel Injector Clinic, this company from US produces one of the best aftermarket injectors available.

The injectors cleared customs yesterday morning and arrived at my doorstep this afternoon while I was away in the office.

These are ball & seat type saturated high impedance injectors and they are rated to flow 445cc/min. They require no modifications and are a direct fit to our 1NZ-FE engines, and FIC was kind enough to throw in a set of plug & play adapters free of charge as they were late in shipping the injectors.

Together with the forged internals when they arrive, we should able to make some serious power when we crank up the boost.

Packaging box


Close up shot of the injector

A more refined atomized spraying pattern allows a cleaner burn resulting in a crisper throttle response and increased fuel efficiency while still being able to produce serious horsepower.

The main reason why I went with FIC is due to they have one of the finest spraying pattern compared to other aftermarket injectors.

The pictures below were taken from FIC's website, whereby it shows to same high flowing injectors with the second one customized to have a much finer spraying pattern.

Small cone angle & dense fuel stream

Wider cone angle & atomized fuel stream

Stage 2 Turbo Project - AEM Water / Methanol Injection Kit

I've heard a lot of good things about water/methanol injection systems for forced induction cars so I decided to get a kit for myself to test it out while waiting for the forged internals to arrive.

The car is still lying at the garage now as Speedworks only managed to sent the coilovers back from servicing yesterday.

There are reasons why I chose AEM over other brands like Snow Performance.

The tank low level indicator feature and the progressive pump is standard in the AEM kit whereby Snow Performance requires you to purchase them separately.

1 gallon tank with progressive pump

Together with the Okada Projects coils, hopefully it'll give us some good results when the car is ready for dyno tune.

Stay tuned.

NOS Wet Kit Dynoed

During my posting of the Turbo vs NOS write up, the NOS kit that was available for sale in GT Auto was picked up by a friend of mine and the car has been finally dyno tuned.

The car is now pushing out 144.38 PS and 20.95 kg-m of torque to the wheels from the previous 118.61 PS and 15.24 kg-m.

The dyno chart speaks for itself, as you can see the gains are very significant at the point where the nitrous engages. It takes less than 200 rpm for the car to gain 36 PS and 7 kg-m of torque at the wheels.

I was given the opportunity to test drive the car and when the nitrous starts spraying the car pulls crazily like a raped ape.

This car is running E-Manage blue piggyback without the ignition harness. The owner is now planning to upgrade to Haltech Platinum Interceptor so the ignition timing can be altered to extract more power.

The owner is also considering fitting an AEM water/methanol injection kit very soon and with the injection kit the gains will be even higher.

Stay tuned.

Okada Projects Plasma Direct

(Update 26/06): The dyno chart can be found here.

Dropped by GT Auto this morning to collect the Okada Projects Plasma Direct coils that I ordered 2 weeks ago from Okada Projects.

Was planning to have them installed together with the forged internals when they arrive but since tuner said its alright as they are direct plug and play so we went ahead with it.

Packaging box

Instructions manual & serial number plate

Close up shot

After the installation, all that was left is just this nice looking sticker and a serial number plate

230 PS NCP91

Famous Japanese tuner Phoenix's Power tuned a 230 PS NCP91 pushing out 29.1 kg-m of torque.

TD-04H turbo
1 bar boost
Forged pistons and rods
HKS F-Con V Pro
1JZ 370cc injectors