200 WHP Toyota Vios

Ladies and gentleman, I present you a 200 wheel horsepower Toyota Vios. This is one hell of a Vios as the engine internals are upgraded and it runs a GT25 ball bearing turbo boosting 1.1 bar.

The fuel system has been converted to a return setup, and the stock injectors has been upgraded to use a set of Bosch 440cc saturated fuel injectors.

The pistons has been changed to a set of forged CP pistons running 9.5:1 compression and the connecting rods are upgraded to a set of Crower forged billet rods. Reinforced AJUSA head bolts and head gasket are used and both the rod bearings and engine bearings are from Toga.

Best of all this car runs a standalone engine management system named Vipec. For those who are familiar with the Autronic will probably have an idea how Vipec works.

This Vipec has a lot of features such as built-in MAP sensor, traction control, VVT-i control, boost control, antilag, progressive nitrous injection, wide on throttle shift and the list goes on. The highest end model even supports drive by wire.

This car puts down a staggering 193 PS and 275 N-m of torque to the wheels, and since this is a manual transmission if we do a backward calculation of 15% power loss the engine is churning out 230 PS and 325 N-m of torque at the crank.

So if you're driving on the highway one day and you hear a hissing black Vios behind you, my advice to you is best that you give way.

This is one nasty Vios you don't want to mess with.

Engine & Drivetrain
CP Custom Forged Low Compression Pistons (9.5:1 CR)
Crower Billet Forged Connecting Rods
AJUSA Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) Head Gasket
AJUSA Head Bolts
Toga Engine Bearings
Toga Rod Bearings
Custom Semi-Closed Deck Engine Block Guard
TRD Engine Oil Cap
TWM Short Shifter
TWM Desert Eagle Shift Knob
Custom Stage 2 Racing Clutch

Induction & Exhaust System
Garrett GT2554R Ball Bearing Turbocharger
OEM Cast Iron T25 Turbo Manifold
Custom Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold Shield
Custom T25 Downpipe
Custom 2" Straight-thru Midpipe
OEM 2" Operated Exhaust Muffler
HKS Reloaded Pod Filter
HKS SSQV Blow-off Valve
Volker 7ZX-8 Iridium Spark Plugs
OEM Delta Fin Front Mount Intercooler
Custom Stainless Steel Intercooler Pipings
Custom Oil Catch Tank

Fueling & Cooling System
Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator
Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
Bosch 440cc Saturated Fuel Injectors
Custom Fuel Return Line System
Custom Fuel Rail
OEM Steel Braided Fuel Hoses
TRD 1.3 Bar Radiator Cap
NTCL Low Temp Thermostat
Custom Extra Radiator Fan
GDL Oil Cooler

Suspension, Brakes & Handling
BC Coilovers w/ Camber Kit
Drift Racing 6 Pot Brake Kit
ProRS Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses
Ultra Racing 4 Point Front Strut Bar
Ultra Racing 4 Point Front Lower Arm Bar
Ultra Racing 3 Point Front Fender Bars
Ultra Racing 2 Point Rear Strut Bar
Progress Rear Anti-Roll Bar
Momo Race Steering Wheel
Advanti Ultra Light 16' Wheels
Federal 595RS-R Semi-Slicks

Vipec V44 Standalone Engine Management
Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller
Apexi RSM w/ G-Sensor
Apexi Turbo Timer
Defi BF Gauges (Boost, Water, Oil Temp & Press)
Pivot Raizin VS

Performance (Wheel)
193.7 PS @ 5,200 RPM
275 N-m @ 4,700 RPM

HyperRev Magazine

I was in KLCC earlier for lunch today and I dropped by Kinokuniya to pick up a copy of the HyperREV magazine.

You know you want this, just drop me an email :)

Billion Radiator Hose Kit

Just managed to get my hands on the Billion radiator hose kit this morning.

Using dual silicon rubber layers, Billion claims the hose to be 10 times stronger and more durable than conventional rubber hose kit.

The kit comes with 3 pieces of hose and 3 pairs of clamps and they are a direct fit replacement for the factory hoses.

Will have them fitted when the car goes in for the second stage turbo kit.

The packaging in box

The contents of the package

NOS Wet Kit

(Update 17/06): The dyno chart can be found here.

A very good friend of mine recently installed a wet kit to his car, as he is a very low profile guy so I would not mention it here what car it is. (but I could always mention it elsewhere hehe)

I can only tell you that this car is a total sleeper as the exterior is completely stock standard, one will never expect it actually has a nitrous oxide system under the hood.

As per my previous post on turbo vs nitrous, nitrous actually gives you the best bang for your dollar.

Here are some pictures of the NOS kit installation in progress, no engine bay pictures though as that would give away the identity of the car.

Stay tuned for the dyno chart and detailed information of the installation.

Twin nitrous bottle setup
(Is he crazy or what?)

Nitrous & fuel solenoids

Fogger nozzle

Little Drama

Smoked a 2.0 litre Honda Accord while I was driving to work this morning, this little drama occurred while I was driving inside the SMART tunnel.

I woke up slightly late today and traffic wasn't very loose, so once I got in to the SMART tunnel I started boosting and this Honda Accord who was 2 cars in front of me was driving very slow hogging the fast lane. The cars behind him are starting to overtake him from the left lane.

I know overtaking cars from the left lane is wrong, so instead of following what others did I stayed behind him but I turned on my signal lamp and flashed him a few times to indicate that I want to overtake.

I saw him looked me in his rear view mirror, and he just continue driving and pretended like nothing happened!

I stayed behind him for almost a minute, doing only 60 KM/H and there are already cars behind me whose following me closely and started flashing their headlights.

So I had no choice but to overtake him on the left lane, I know its wrong but I was rushing for work and if there is a policeman waiting outside the tunnel to issue me a summon ticket so be it.

The moment I cut in to the left lane and was just about to overtake the Accord, he speed up and was trying to prevent me from overtaking.

Fine, I slowed down and I stayed behind him thinking he might want to drive faster.

Again he slowed down to only 60 KM/H in the fast lane! *KNNCCB*

OK that really PISSED me off. I floored the accelerator and I overtook him from the left without giving him a chance to react, and after that I cut in to the fast lane and I'm now in front of him.

And once I overtake him you'll probably think that this is the end of the story and everybody happily moves on with their lives?

Well think again Dorothy.

Uncle Accord was upset that I overtook him and decided to tail me. His car was so close to mine I could swear he was almost kissing my butt!

A corner was coming up ahead so I floored the throttle and I was probably doing around 130 KM/H - 140 KM/H. Upon reaching the corner I lifted my throttle and I steered my way through.

Poor old uncle Accord thought that he could do the same as well, and when he realized that his car couldn't he was already losing his tail. His car was sliding outwards and I can hear loud tires screeching behind me.

I looked at the rear view mirror and if he doesn't do something about it he's probably going to crash to the sidewall.

Uncle Accord was lucky he was in the left lane when this happened, and there was room for his car to slide to the right. He slowed down and I could hear other cars behind him blowing their horn at him for his "Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift" stunt earlier.

I'm not proud of what I've did, as a matter of fact I was glad he didn't ran in to any accident.

However, I just can't seem to fully understand what is with those uncles driving big cars with big egos.

I always keep to the fast lane whenever I needed to overtake or drive fast, and I NEVER hog the fast lane as I always know there will be faster cars behind me.

I hope uncle Accord learned his lesson. Your car has a FAT ASS and it just got OWNED yo so don't even think about it next time.

Peace out and drive safely.

Raised Hood

OMG I can't believe I actually did this, this is probably the gayest thing I've ever done to the car.

Not only the car is gay now, its actually rice too. I guess it has all to do with the owner where his blood is full of ricer DNA hehe!

OK so I went ahead and and did it anyways because I'm really curious to find out whether does it really helps in assisting the hot air to escape.

After a few days of driving, my observation concluded that hot air does escape from both sides of the hood when the car is idle, and even more obvious when the radiator fan kicks in.

You can literally put your hand near the side of the hood and you can feel the hot air being blown out. But however not so much on the top near the windscreen washer because I did not raise the hood high enough to give it enough clearance on the top.

Longer screw with added washers

Hood is now raised a little

Ultimate ricer car

Fuel Consumption

Ever since the Vios was installed with a turbo kit, one of the many asked questions by people would be the fuel consumption of the car.

I am happy to report that the fuel consumption of the car is close or probably even better compared to when the car was still in stock. Some find it hard to believe while some others are not even surprised when I told them about it.

A 100% highway driving yields between 16-19 km/L depending on your right foot

And for a 50/50 mixed of city and highway cruising I'm still getting an average of 13-14 km/L mileage

Despite the turbocharger technology has been around for more than 100 years, constant R&D efforts are being put in and as a result we're able to see stuffs such as ball bearing turbos, variable geomatry turbines, titanium compressor wheels in the market.

Today, the turbocharging of modern petrol engines is no longer seen purely from just the performance point of view, but is rather viewed as a means of reducing fuel consumption and reducing environmental pollution due to lower CO2 emissions as it uses the exhaust gas produced from the engine to drive the compressor.

I came across this article which talks about fuel economy benefits of a turbocharged engine vs a natural aspirated engine and I really do think its worth checking out.

The other question I got asked the most is exhaust noise. Anyone who has sat in my car before would know that the car is actually extremely quiet, even with a 2.25 inch exhaust pipings and quad tail pipes.

This is because the turbo itself is already acting as a silencer and it helps a lot in keeping the car sleeper. Guess I'm too old for huge and loud fart cans :)