NOS Wet Kit

(Update 17/06): The dyno chart can be found here.

A very good friend of mine recently installed a wet kit to his car, as he is a very low profile guy so I would not mention it here what car it is. (but I could always mention it elsewhere hehe)

I can only tell you that this car is a total sleeper as the exterior is completely stock standard, one will never expect it actually has a nitrous oxide system under the hood.

As per my previous post on turbo vs nitrous, nitrous actually gives you the best bang for your dollar.

Here are some pictures of the NOS kit installation in progress, no engine bay pictures though as that would give away the identity of the car.

Stay tuned for the dyno chart and detailed information of the installation.

Twin nitrous bottle setup
(Is he crazy or what?)

Nitrous & fuel solenoids

Fogger nozzle


Anonymous said...

hehe...bro, is tis a gen2 ??

Unknown said...

hehehehe looking at the layout of the boot and the colour of the interior, i know what car it is :)

Chew Soon said...

i've got no comments :D

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