Toyota Vios Turbo vs Lotus Eletre R

Currently the 3rd car to my EV collection on top of the BMW iX and Tesla Model 3, and currently the only car the Vios Turbo isn't able to outrun even on the straight is this Lotus Eletre R.

With over 900+ of sheer horsepower and close to 1000 Nm of torque, even with almost 2 bar of boost I wasn't able to keep up.

Guess the EV revolution is real.

Toyota Vios Turbo Rear Dash Cam

The head unit on the car died on me lately, so I had an Android head unit fitted and it pleasantly came with a front and rear dash cam.

I was told by friends a couple of time when they were behind me the car spits flame whenever I shift but I was never able to see it with my own eyes until today.

When I was coming out of the toll plaza, decided to open up the car a little bit and the dash cam was able to record it.

And I should say I am quite pleased by it.

Toyota Vios Turbo vs AMG CLA45 S

I placed an order for an AMG CLA45 S back in July 2019, because of the customized color and no thanks to the covid-19 pandemic the car could only reach me just couple of days before New Year.

And it is not the New Year of 2020 but 2021 so it literally took them close to 18 freaking months to get the car to me.

Of course the title is a bit misleading here, I am not able to test the AMG against the Vios Turbo as of now as the car requires a run in period of 1,500 km before I can start trashing it.

However, I was able to test drive the AMG demo car at the Mercedes showroom during the day I collected the car.

Based on initial feeling, I think the AMG might not be able to shake the Vios Turbo off its tail on the straight in stock form, say for example a test of rolling start from 100 km/h to 200 km/h.

Of course this is totally just based on my own gut feel.

Don't get me wrong, the AMG is a nice all rounded car to drive with a lot of fancy features.

And of course, the Vios Turbo is only a car that could only go fast on the straight and that is about it. 

Not trying to incite any hatred amongst other AMG owners here.

So it is going to be a period of grandma driving for now and for God knows how long before I can run in the car as I am mostly working from home nowadays.

Fan Made Video

Couple weeks back decided to send in the car for some detailing job and the owner of the shop took some photos and even made a video without me knowing.

Later he texted me asking for permission to share it to promote his business and I thought that he did such a fantastic job in detailing the car so I agreed as I am happy to help out a fellow entrepreneur especially in such difficult times due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Managed to get a copy to share it with you guys here and also a shout-out to the guys at Autocare Studio Setia Alam for a detailing job well done.

Toyota Vios Turbo - Autocare Studio 01

Toyota Vios Turbo - Autocare Studio 02

Toyota Vios Turbo - Autocare Studio 03

Toyota Vios Turbo - Autocare Studio 04

Toyota Vios Turbo - Autocare Studio 05

AiM MXL Dash

So I've been gear shifting entirely based on the RPM reading off the original factory dash which isn't the best way, and I consider myself lucky so far as I yet to blow the engine for maxing the RPM limit.

Been wanting to get my dash fitted but never really had the time, and the car has been running without a dash display since the day it rolled out from the garage.

Had the dash with me for so long until it is now no longer in production by the manufacturer. Ah well, better late than never.

The car is now fitted with an AiM MXL Dash instead of the Haltech IQ3 Street Dash that we originally wanted to go with.

It has a very nice backlight which makes it comfortable to the eye while driving and I like it very much and with the RPM shift light it made my life so much easier whenever I am driving as I can just focus looking at the front instead of the dashboard on the left.

It also has water resistant rating of IP65 not that it matters as it is installed inside the car.

At the same time we ditched the old Innovate Motorsports Wideband and replaced with a Dynojet Wideband 2 kit instead as the sensor died on me prematurely.

AiM MXL Dash