Welcome to Viosturbo.com, home of the world's first 500 wheel horsepower 1NZ-FE engine.

I hope this blog serves as an inspiration to the rest of the Toyota Vios/1NZ-FE owners out there that with proper and decent modifications, the car can be quite fun to be driven around.

Be it from a simple exhaust modification to a nitrous oxide kit or a bolt-on turbo kit, no matter what you do to your car it is unique and you should be proud of it.

One message that I would like to send out strongly is that although there are no rights or wrongs when it comes to car modifications, however there is a very fine line of difference between being silly and plain stupid.

You certainly will not see this blog talk about stuffs like voltage stabilizers, air chargers or alternator chargers and definitely no ricer mods like fake brake caliper covers or big GT wings.

And last but not least, absolutely no exterior modifications too that doesn't serve any other purposes than aesthetics.

Every mods that you see here which goes in to the car are proper and dyno proven mods.

I personally have nothing against those who chose to go down that path, however I do not intend to send out the wrong message here. 

With this, I would like to pen off with a favorite quote of mine:

Cheap and reliable won't be fast,
Fast and reliable won't be cheap,
Fast and cheap won't be reliable.

Happy modding and drive safely.