Stage 2 Turbo - Owen Developments Custom Turbo

A couple months back, we placed an order with Owen Developments, a leading turbocharger specialist from UK for a custom spec turbo.

We were told that they are currently on back orders so we had to wait patiently. When it finally arrived and the moment I laid my eyes upon it, I knew it was worth the wait.

Based on the Garret GTX series, here are some key highlights of the turbo:

* Owen's conical compressor wheel nut
* Owen's competition spec bearing cages and bearings
* Owen's competition spec cut back blade
* Owen's competition spec internal heat shield

And of course not forgetting the Tial V-band turbine housing, offering a 33% weight reduction over the standard housing, smaller sizer factor while eliminating the need for bolts and gaskets totally.

It's pretty damn challenging trying to fit this fella in to the already cramped tight engine bay down there okay.

Of course, this is not the only reason why we went with the Tial V-band housing. We're trying to spin a big ass turbo here on a 1.5 daily drive, and having this housing helps tremendously in the spooling area due to it's design.

Once the car is back from piping works, we'll fit in a Tomei fuel pressure regulator and we should be ready to fire up the engine.

Full frontal view of the turbo

The Tial V-band turbine housing

Full frontal view of the turbo

Forged & fully machined compressor wheel at its full glory

Fully built, machined and balanced by Owen Developments, UK