Stage 2 Turbo - Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40

With the kind of boost level that we'll be running with the new Owen Developments turbo, it sounds like a good idea that we upgrade the wastegate to match it as well.

Meet Comp-Gate 40, a brand new 40mm external wastegate from Turbosmart featuring a locking ring design which allows changes of spring a breeze. Not to mention the highest flowing wastegate it its class too.

The other thing I like about this wastegate is its V-band clamp design which makes it super easy to remove, perfect when we need to swap it out to change its springs later.

Packaging design

Contents of the package

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V-band clamps

New compact design

The actuator housing is now 25% smaller than previous models thanks to its new design

Bottom view of the wastegate

The internals of the wastegate


llsaw said...


Where did you get the Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40 from?

Chew Soon said...

Oh, Toby stocks them bro....

llsaw said...

Cool! :)

Anonymous said...

what engine is used here?