Scammer - Shame On You

Just yesterday, some lame scammer made a pathetic attempt on trying to get hold of the domain by sending me this email.

One look at it and I knew immediately this guy is a time waster. Anyhow, I replied him politely.

And guess what? The moron must be thinking he could pull a fast one by replying me this.

Is he fucking kidding me? WHO THE FUCK is HAITONG anyways?

So this was my reply to him.

I mean John, for Christ fucking sake please go sign up for some English classes first before you make another attempt in the future!

And what kind of fucking name is John Wang anyway?

You're a fucking laughing joke and disgrace not only to your family, but to all Chinese. Your attempts are not creative at all and its been used many times in the past by lots of people.

Read this, this and this please.

Had you been a little bit more creative and imaginative, all these wouldn't have come to an end so soon and we could play a little longer.

Oh God I am laughing so hard now I think I'm gonna puke.

So John, to you and your bunch of dumb, pathetic, unimaginative bunch of Chinese scammers, all I can say is:

"Ah ahahahahahahahahahaha......... FUCK YOU!"

Been Busy

I've been getting quite a number of emails and messages lately asking what's happening with the build as there wasn't any update ever since my last post.

I'm sorry folks, I was busy with work and haven't had time to update the blog.

Couple of things has happened since my last update, the first engine which has been built with the CP forged pistons and Crower billet rods was sold to a friend of mine and is currently undergoing transplant into his car.

He will be running the built bottom with his existing turbo kit but with a Haltech Sport 1000 replacing his E-Manage. Once the car is done I will have it featured here.

Secondly, we're revising our setup again. Yes, AGAIN.

Toby has decided to make some last minute changes to the engine configuration, mainly the pistons and turbo.

I can't reveal much at the moment, but we're aiming to make at least 400 wheel horsepower so we're revising the engine compression ratio and the turbo as well.

Stay tuned.