Sneak Preview - Cylinder Head Porting

Finally the cylinder head has returned from CNC porting overseas, I popped by GT Auto this morning to snap a couple of pictures before I took off quickly.

From the tag on the DHL box, it seems like the head was sent to someplace in California, USA.

I still do not have the specifications yet, all I know is that the head was CNC ported, had a 3 angle valve job done, the valve springs & retainers were all replaced with titanium items.


Eu Jin said...

When you've got to sent your engine overseas, you know it's a dead serious built going on. Hats off you you bro. :P

Chew Soon said...

ah i got coaxed by toby to do it actually, he was saying that since we went so far we might as well just go all out.

don't be surprised if the end power produced is actually not that high :)

Anonymous said...

wah the head job was done very clean and smooth none of the local here can match. :)


plumbing said...

Porting the cylinder head, if performed correctly, will have no adverse effects on the engine. The same cannot be said for turbo charging or nitrous, which puts strenuous loads on the engine, mainly on the lower rotating assembly.

Gas Technicians Texas said...

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