Damsel in Distress

This Lancer Evolution 3 has been parked in my car porch for 2 days already due to a flat cell.

She is running on a Autronic SM4 standalone ECU and puts down a solid 650+ horse to the wheels on race fuel while 500+ horse on pump gas.

Some of you would have probably figured out who does she belong to, definitely not me :)


nawruz said...

change the batt and take it for a spin bro!!! remember to pop-by subang to pick me up 1st.

Chew Soon said...

haha, batt already in but damn fucking hard to crank weyyy

nawruz said...

so when's your turbo beast expected completion date man?

Chew Soon said...

well, we're still waiting for some parts to arrive from overseas so i guess earliest also june.

was told today that the parts can only reach in mid of may sigh :(