Stage 2 Turbo Project - Golden Eagle Sleeves

Just as I was walking back from lunch with Toby and Thomas, we saw the DHL delivery truck parked right outside of GT Auto's shop.

I knew it had to be more goodies from Santa, and it turned out to be the engine blocks that we've long waited for.

We previously sent two engine blocks some time ago to Golden Eagle Manufacturing in California, USA as GT Auto is their authorized dealer in Malaysia.

Golden Eagle did a splendid job in getting the block bored and sleeved, the installation job was clean and neat and the new liners look very strong and sturdy.

Golden Eagle's HD sleeves comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking and is rated to withstand up to 1200 horsepower. The sleeves has a 500% increase in contact area compared to stock liners allowing better heat dissipation.

With them installed we should have a peace of mind and need not to worry about cylinder wall cracking when we get ready to crank up the boost later.

Both the engine block returned

Close up shot

O ring groove for the copper bus wire

Copper bus wire

Now that we have all these in hand, its about time we start preparing for the completion of the stage 2 turbo project as there are more goodies arriving.


xbalance said...

wah finally all back for monster to come a life ....

7in0yq1wez said...

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