Stage 2 Turbo Project - Golden Eagle Head Gaskets

Now that we're using the 77mm over sized pistons from Ross Racing along with the newly sleeved engine block, we also got Golden Eagle to custom make these head gaskets for us as well.

They are multi-layered and is 1mm in thickness, just as we requested.

And Golden Eagle were kind enough to even threw in 2 steel tags for us as souvenirs!


llsaw said...

Can Golden Eagle customize a head gasket for me? Alternatively I have managed to source Fel-pro Permatorque headgaskets but the Golden Eagle piece is in another plane strength wise..

Chew Soon said...

i think it shouldn't be a problem but if felpro already has ready made gaskets why not just use them?

alternatively, putting in the sleeves is more important bro :P

llsaw said...


The Golden Eagle piece looks beefier. Anyway I'll order the Felpro just for kicks as its not too exp. Will need to know the cylinder bore that Toby's planning to use though.

Mike said...

Hi bro I will like to get this metal head gasket too. Can contact me at +6591914288. thanks

Chew Soon said...

hi mike, before that what is your piston size? this metal head gasket was customized for 77mm sized pistons.

so it your piston size is stock standard then it won't be suitable.