Stage 2 Turbo Project - 1NZ-FE Forged Pistons & Billet Conrods

(Update 23/02): We ordered a replacement set as we found out they were actually high compression pistons.

I recently ordered a set of racing pistons and conrods for my car, and the Malaysia Customs had a problem with that.

And since I am a law obeying citizen I am more than willing to pay for taxes of any goods that I import, but hell I am not going to pay for something that is not reasonable.

I mean, they even wanted to charge me taxes for the shipping fees as well.

Without sharing all the glory details, I've managed to obtain my goods without paying a single cent at all and there is nothing they can do about it.

All I can say is that Malaysia Customs are not only stupid, they're fucked up as well. And I will say this once again.

Malaysia Customs are not only STUPID, they're FUCKED UP as well.

So to those who asked what killed motorsports in Malaysia, now you have the answer to it.

OK rants aside, lets get back to business.

It will take at least a couple of months for the forged internals to go in as they are oversized pistons so we need to bore & hone the engine block, not to mention converting the fuel system to a return setup, wiring for the standalone engine management etc.

On top of that, my tuner is so tied up with all the upcoming race events until end of the year I doubt they will ever have time to start work at least until early next year. *sobs*

I am also currently deciding whether should I ditch the automatic transmission gearbox and chuck in a manual gearbox with LSD.

CP packaging

CP pistons box

9.0:1 compression pistons NOT!

Teflon skirt coated

Crower packaging

Crower billet rods

Garrett GT2056

Lots of people have been asking me how does the GT20 turbo that I am currently using looks like so I decided to snap a few pictures and post it up here.

This GT20 turbo that I am using now is considered a rare turbo as it was a custom made model by Garrett Thailand as it has additional water lines feeding to the housing.

It was hand carried back by GT Auto's Toby all the way from Thailand.

There are only 2 units available, one went to my car and the other one went to GT Auto's staff car.

This is not my car here, it belongs to one of the staffs working in GT Auto.

The car was involved in a minor accident the other day and the hood and bumper was removed for repair works so I managed to snap some pictures of it.

Now do not let the size of the turbine fool you. This little fella here is rated to produce up to 260 PS.

Garrett GT2056

Water & oil feed

Sepang Drag Battle 2009 - Round 3

Yesterday while waiting for my car to be washed at Sunway I walked over to GT Auto's garage to grab lunch with both the master tuners Thomas and Toby.

The crew hasn't been sleeping for more that 48 hours as they were busy preparing the race cars and not mention the countless hours on the dyno machine tuning the cars.

So the following conversation happened while we were having fried kuey teow at the Sunway foodcourt.

Me : Eh bugger, you don't need to sleep ah? Wanna become god issit?
Toby : I still got 2 more cars waiting lah, how to sleep?
Thomas : You don't know meh, he drinks race fuel wan. No need to sleep keh.
Me : Like that when only you got time to do my internals and standalone?
Toby : If you can wait, year 2010 lor.
Me : Mahai, want so long meh?
Toby : Your pistons and con rods arrive liao meh?
Me : Yah, but currently stucked at the customs. Monday need to go settle.
Thomas : So tonight you going Sepang to see the drag battle ah?
Me : Wanna go but no kaki leh.
Toby : Tiu we both here not considered kaki ah?
Me : You didn't say you guys planning to go also?
Thomas : Ok lah, tonight you follow us to the pit lah let you experience a bit.
Me : Can can, I call David also.

We were then handed a pair of official GT Auto crew t-shirt and off we went to Sepang. I was pretty excited as how often do you get to be at the pit as a guest crew for the tuner of the fastest drag car in Malaysia?

We were stationed at pit 17, and we have our 10 second street legal Mitsubishi EVO 9 that won the previous round in the drag battle competing in class A and a new Honda CRX in Class C.

Unfortunately, both cars wasn't able to get any standings as our EVO9 was spitting out transmission oil and the CRX was having problems with the toe & caster setting resulting our driver wasn't able to full throttle due to unstable launching.


(Update 23/07): Issue resolved, not a single cent paid.

The pistons and rods that I ordered has been shipped and online tracking indicated they touched down Malaysian Customs few days ago.

Then I was informed by FedEx yesterday that the goods are currently being held at the customs until I clear the pending taxation of 40% of the total cost of goods which 10% is sales tax.

Malaysia Customs gotta be fucking kidding me, now I gotta bring my lazy ass to Sepang on Monday morning to meet up with the officer and try talk my way out.

So to those who asked what killed motorsports in Malaysia, now you know.


Defi Link Meter Advance CR

A friend of mine whose also driving a Vios turbo as well sent me these sexy pictures of his recently installed Defi Link Meter Advance CR gauges.

These gauges are so damn sexy not to mention poisonous and I am struggling so hard right now trying to tie myself down so I can't make my way down to the nearest store to pick up a set.

The new Advance CR gauges now comes with 2 opening and closing ceremony to choose from and also a remote controller for ease of operation.

The video of the opening and closing ceremony will be posted up soon, stay tuned.

Water temp, Oil temp, Oil pressure & Boost

Amber red illumination

Blue illumination

326 WHP Toyota Echo

I came across this video in YouTube and I thought of sharing it here with everyone.

I'm suspecting that this Toyota Echo is located in Puerto Rico as we can hear people speaking Spanish in the background.

I don't have anymore information about this car other than this video claiming that the car is boosting 23 PSI which is around 1.58 bar and puts down 326 PS to the wheels.

Anyhow it does look and sound fierce when the guys are doing a pull on the dyno.