Garrett GT2056

Lots of people have been asking me how does the GT20 turbo that I am currently using looks like so I decided to snap a few pictures and post it up here.

This GT20 turbo that I am using now is considered a rare turbo as it was a custom made model by Garrett Thailand as it has additional water lines feeding to the housing.

It was hand carried back by GT Auto's Toby all the way from Thailand.

There are only 2 units available, one went to my car and the other one went to GT Auto's staff car.

This is not my car here, it belongs to one of the staffs working in GT Auto.

The car was involved in a minor accident the other day and the hood and bumper was removed for repair works so I managed to snap some pictures of it.

Now do not let the size of the turbine fool you. This little fella here is rated to produce up to 260 PS.

Garrett GT2056

Water & oil feed

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172 said...

cool... i hope i wont need one in the future!