Stage 2 Turbo Project - 1NZ-FE Forged Pistons & Billet Conrods

(Update 23/02): We ordered a replacement set as we found out they were actually high compression pistons.

I recently ordered a set of racing pistons and conrods for my car, and the Malaysia Customs had a problem with that.

And since I am a law obeying citizen I am more than willing to pay for taxes of any goods that I import, but hell I am not going to pay for something that is not reasonable.

I mean, they even wanted to charge me taxes for the shipping fees as well.

Without sharing all the glory details, I've managed to obtain my goods without paying a single cent at all and there is nothing they can do about it.

All I can say is that Malaysia Customs are not only stupid, they're fucked up as well. And I will say this once again.

Malaysia Customs are not only STUPID, they're FUCKED UP as well.

So to those who asked what killed motorsports in Malaysia, now you have the answer to it.

OK rants aside, lets get back to business.

It will take at least a couple of months for the forged internals to go in as they are oversized pistons so we need to bore & hone the engine block, not to mention converting the fuel system to a return setup, wiring for the standalone engine management etc.

On top of that, my tuner is so tied up with all the upcoming race events until end of the year I doubt they will ever have time to start work at least until early next year. *sobs*

I am also currently deciding whether should I ditch the automatic transmission gearbox and chuck in a manual gearbox with LSD.

CP packaging

CP pistons box

9.0:1 compression pistons NOT!

Teflon skirt coated

Crower packaging

Crower billet rods


172 said...

If u drive everyday, i dont think u should ditch your AT gearbox! the traffic there sucks!

dreckker said...

neat stuff... *drools*...

Chew Soon said...

yah most probably will try to keep that AT gearbox for as long as possible.

but i think the moment the car breaches 180 wheels the gearbox will wear out very fast.

DX-Performance said...


Chew Soon said... :P

Anonymous said...

Helo bro CCS,
Been following your blog for a while...those mods make me drool sometimes :). I really like your gram lights. But not too sure where to buy genuine ones. U know la, nowadays banyak Taiwan that looks the same. Where did u get yours? Price? The advanti looks nice as well. (I'm driving a vios07 too) Thanks buddy! -rezu-

Chew Soon said...

hi bro rezu,

thank you for your kind comments. if you're really interested in the gram lights, i can bring you to the shop that sells it.

the one i got was really a good bargain, they were brand new and genuine from japan and they cost me less than 4k only. in fact, its just like a little more than 3k. of course, it was a very special price given to me by my friend who runs the shop.

you're driving a vios'07 too? well may i invite you to join our club then? check out you can come out and join us for our teh tarik sessions and you could meet a lot of ppl who has different styles of modding done to their car.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm already a member of vios07 club :). That's how I got to know your blog. I don't suppose I could get those for a little over 3K. That's just madness! I estimated around 3.8K-4K for the rims alone. Need to start saving from now. Will be living on megi n roti canai from today. Don't be surprise if u see my name in the record books for "longest surviving man on megi diet" haha!

Chew Soon said...

oh really? silly me hehe sorry bro rezu didn't pay too much attention when reading the forum. sometimes can be hard to read cos too many active threads.

haha don't lah eat maggie and roti everyday not good for health lah bro. just save slowly lor like me :D

smokey said...

those piston n rods are da bomb man! By seeing this make me wanna mod more hahaha, bro how much power are you expecting after finish all the mods? Those cp piston n crowers will be on my wish list.

Chew Soon said...

hehe bro, im only aiming 200 horse at the wheels only. still using my stock gearbox.

tuner told me to change gearbox, then we can boost 300 wheels but i think the car won't be nice to drive already.

smokey said...

yeah that is true bro,once is going to 170 hp ish those auto trans wouldn't last long,those engine power would stress out the trans,slip might occur. BUT there is always a but hehe there one company call Zep racing manufacture vitz specialist who sale aftermarket torque converter for auto trans. Price ¥262,500 or RM$9389 .those price Can buy manual trans with up graded clutch already hehehe,maybe including kaaz 1.5 way LSD also.

Chew Soon said...

ZEP Racing right? Well yah I sort of like tried to get in touch with them but if not mistaken I think they're out of business or something.

I even asked Sen Yeong to help me, but he told me the same too.

But right after you told me about the price, I think it costs less than half of to convert to manual and put in a LSD as well.

smokey said...

yeah dunno if there are out of business or what,the problem is that most japs Company are scared to talk in english hohoho last may i was in tokyo,it took me like 30 minutes explain to get 1 part for Vitz,the easiest way is just show them picture of what we need then for sure they will smile and get that stuff in less then 4 minutes hahaha