Medklinn Mobile

What I am about to introduce here has nothing to do with the performance of your car, however this product worked so well I wanted to share it with everyone.

Meet Medklinn Mobile, a car air sterilizer/ionizer that plugs right in to your ciggarette lighter socket.

I got it for my car for the following reasons:
  1. Despite my best effort there are still tons of dust particles inside the car and I can't take it anymore
  2. Durians, if I ever brought any in to the car it'll take forever for the smell to go away
In order to deodorize and detoxify the air inside the car, this device works by flooding the entire car's interior with massive amounts of negative ions to remove offensive odours and pollutants such as pollens, dust particles and exhaust fumes.

To be really exact, it actually emissions up to at least 2 million negative ions per second in order to achieve that effectively.

So do not confuse this with some voltage stabilizer products that also doubles as an air ionizer.

This is not a voltage stabilizer, this is the real deal.

The Star Online actually did a cover on this device 2 years back then and the article claims that the average number of germs on your steering wheel is actually more than double the numbers of germs residing in your toilet.

So did it work for me? Hell yeah. Not only I noticed that my dashboard and audio head unit now has a lot more less dusts, I actually brought different types of food in to the car cabin to see how well this device works, including durian.

And indeed, it worked well.

If it can actually neutralize durian smell, it certainly would have no problems with any others.

So I wind down my window and threw the Ambi Pur out from the car as I no longer need it to cover any smell in the car since I can actually remove it now.

This device requires no maintenance, costs RM 300 and is backed with a year of warranty from Medklinn.

The content of the package

Close up shot

Emits a cool looking blue neon light during operation

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Toga Bearings & AJUSA Head Bolts

The bearings and head bolts arrived yesterday, collected the package and had them sent over to GT Auto this morning.

When I showed it to Toby and Thomas they looked at them and gave me a weird and puzzled look.

Toby : Oi, what is this? Juan show him the ACL bearings!
Thomas : Eh? The bolts not ARP wan ah?

HELLO UNCLES! If ACL had produced bearings for the 1NZ-FE don't you think I would have bought it? And that goes for the ARP bolts as well DUH!

Then they proceed to show me a set of ACL bearings and ARP head bolts and boy I was so disgusted! :P

Anyways we opened up the package to examine the bearings and they seem to look fine. The Toga bearings are tri-metal cast copper lead with electroplatting babbitted overlay and they come with a 3 year/60,000 KM warranty.

AJUSA claims the head bolts to be higher grade than stock bolts, but they definitely don't measure up to ARP. However, they are indeeed heavier than the stock bolts.

Well we won't know how true those claims above are until it all goes in to the engine.

AJUSA head bolts & Toga bearings

The bearings are individually stamped

AJUSA head bolts

Open Challenge To Garage R

So AsiaOne published an article about Garage R and their recent 8.8 seconds quarter-mile achievement.

While many quickly jumped and applauded them for their achievement, I sincerely believe that before Garage R starts making claims in the public media to be the fastest Evo in Southeast Asia they should probably first make a trip down to Malaysia Sepang International Circuit and refresh their 9.4 seconds that they've clocked here previously. (although the article actually claimed a 9.1 seconds which I don't know where they got it from)

Taking into consideration that the venue used in Carrerista Jamboree for the drag event when the record was made is not even a proper built circuit, then throw in an uneven and bumpy road surface I have reasonable doubts that the timing could be anywhere near accurate.

I know some of my Singaporean friends or readers might start flaming me for this post, comments are welcomed but I just want to clarify that I am not dissing anyone here but to cast a shadow of doubt on the claims made by Garage R, thats all.

I mean yeah Singapore Motor Sports Association can sanction all they want but the fact is that the road was uneven and bumpy and the record wasn't made on a proper drag strip.

So, Garage R. Why not you make a trip down to Malaysia and do your 8.8 seconds here? Don't you want to refresh your old 9.4 seconds record that you set here last time?

You have fans here as well, I am sure your fans will be more than happy to see you participate in the upcoming Sepang Drag Battle.

If you can't make it in October, there is another round in November.

Cheap Horsepower

One advantage of turbocharged cars is that they can generally be modified to produce substantially more horsepower by just increasing the boost.

On any given turbo, generating additional boost is simply matter of having the turbo to spin faster which is primarily controlled via the waste gate.

When the Vios turbo first came out from the tuner back in April, it was only boosting 0.4 bar as we needed to observe the engine operations and it was only putting down 130+ to the wheels.

We then raised the boost to 0.6 bar and we gained an instant 10 horse making it 140+ at the wheels.

In June, we upgraded the stock coils to Okada Projects coils and we gained another instant 10 wheels pushing the final output to 150+ wheels with no change in the boost.

This also tells us that upgrading the ignition system is also beneficial as well, as we can see there are lots of products in the market such as the HKS Twin Power, MSD coils, Okada Projects etc but personaly I think CDI is the only way to go if you're planning to make some serious power.

Blue: 0.4 bar, Red: 0.6 bar
Green: 0.6 bar with Okada Projects coils

Currently, we're suspecting there is a leakage somewhere as we can hear noises from the cabin when the car is in boost.

We will find out soon enough when the car goes in for a full engine rebuild.

(Update 21/08): Turns out the exhaust gasket was cracked due to excessive installations and removals. Got it fixed and we're good to go again.

FWD Parking

I came across this video and I can't help but wanting to post it up.

Rear wheel drive car drivers please do not attempt this at home.