Ad Free Policy

Just like what the title says, I am not interested in making any form of profit through my readers. So rest be assured this blog will always be advertisement free.

If I used a particular product and it worked well for me and its dyno proven, it will be posted up here with good reviews. But why wouldn't I post up a negative review if the product sucked you asked?

Well the answer is simple, there are just too many products that doesn't work and if I were to post all of them up here it will be a never ending task.

For example, just imagine with the amount of voltage stabilizers, air chargers or alternator chargers flooding the market. If I were to make a review about all of them which takes up so much posting space, by the time you realize the entire blog would be filled with negative posts instead of positive ones.

Besides, this blog is never about product reviews in the first place. It is about documenting the products and modifications that are relevant to the turbo project.

I have already rejected a couple of product sponsorships because if I accepted them it would mean that I am obligated to say good things about the product even if it is not.

So once again, no Adsense, no Nuffnang, no paid reviews and no sponsorships whatsoever. What you see here is what it is, the unbiased and naked truth.