World's First 500 WHP 1NZFE

Yesterday was a historical day for myself and GT Auto, after running in the engine I had the car sent back for a retune.

With a little help from avgas and a race map, we made 501 wheel horsepower.

And for my daily drive map, we managed to squeeze 454 wheel horsepower.

I am still pretty much out of words to describe how I feel right now.

So for now I'll just let the video and the dyno chart do the talking.

This is just the beginning.

Blue: 1.7 bar boost, pump gas, water/meth injection
Red: 2.2 bar boost, pump gas + avgas, no water/meth


GiUpO said...

WOW...Congratulations!!! Really impressive numbers..Very good job :)

llsaw said...

Congrats Bro! Always knew you'd achieve your horsepower goal with Toby's engine building skills and mapping talent.

Ju-Lian said...

time for gopro HD :P

Anonymous said...

Awesome results man.

But your dear friends in America out did you.

540hp @ 24PSI with VVTI on using e85 pump gas. (Street Tune)

638hp @ 34PSI With VVTI off using
VP C16 Race Fuel (Race Tune)

Should of spent more time on your head work and used ARP head studs.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this must be the same dude Aras that got himself banned in multiple forums, and also one of the most hated loud mouthed guy around.

Probably due to childhood issues or he must have a really really small penis.

Unknown said...

How does the gearbox stand up to 500hp? Any mods?