Crashed Toyota Vios

I trashed the Vios last night, so its going to be in the garage for the next 3 weeks.

I always wondered how it feels like when the airbags blows up during an accident, and now I finally got to experience it myself. But the impact was too minimal so I don't think the airbags really done me any protection. I wasn't even wearing my seat belts.

And the irritating thing is my face was covered with some sort of powder/dust from the air bags. Hopefully I don't get any pimples from it hehe! :P

Luckily the chassis of the car was not damaged, and once the car is out then off it goes to GT Auto for the installation of the stage 1 turbo kit.

Then we'll see how it'll fare in the same corner again.

Damage done to the front bumpers

The headlights was untouched

Windscreen was cracked though

And the dual air bags popped out, why the color difference?

Police report was made and I'm all good