Forged Racing Radiator, Mishimoto Racing Thermostat, TRD Radiator Cap

The car has been running on the standard radiator and thermostat since day 1, and it is amazing that it actually lasted until today without any heat problems.

Only as of recent, we noticed there were some bubbling and we decided that it is time to upgrade the cooling system of the car once and for all.

Forged Racing aluminium radiator, Mishimoto racing low temperature 68 degree thermostat and a TRD 1.3 bar radiator cap sums it all.

Both the radiator and thermostat comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty, no complaints there and the engine is purring like a kitten now.


Unknown said...

Dear Chang Chew Soon,

I would like to take the opportunity to send you all the respect for your time and money you shared on this engine.
It has been almost seven years I began mine and surely came in touch within the yarisworld or microimage forums 

Currently I made 22psi on a GT2560R 7200rpm / complete stock head / forged pistons & rods / open deck block with lots of timing above 40Degrees with 50/50 Water/Meth. I did not dyno the engine but 320whp+ was surely in.
The engine came so powerful that loosened the crank pulley bolt after the last tune. Now suspected that the engine suffered overheating for few seconds on idle due to drive belt was loosened.

Since the car is used mainly on street and actually VRT tests every year the low compression pistons are decided to be changed to higher compression (from 8.5 to 12:1) Arias Pistons.

Yes I know that is a lot of compression on a turbo car but like you I don’t like lag and compression is the way !

More compression = Less boost vs low compression power = Colder Air = Efficient combustion = Economy = VRT Pass

I am putting all my faith on the AEM water/meth injection custom Post/PRE turbo setup by myself.

Now If you do not mind, I would like to ask you the below questions short and sweet as possible :

1. Toga Bearings / Ajusa Head Bolts – Did they hold up till 500bhp…
2. Nitriding – What company did you used for nitriding and polishing ?
3. Flywheel – Did you had any issue with JUN.. do you recommend me something else?
4. Owen Turbo – No specs are mentioned… at least what is the equivalent ?
5. GT Auto Titanium Valve springs/Retainers – Brian Crower offers this aswell… what can you tell me in regards?
6. Valvetrain – Nothing was mentioned as upgrads apart springs/retainers. Are valves/locks/lifters/stems STOCK>?
7. Water/Meth – What nozzle size / flow and tank gas used for 500BHP ?
8. SOUND – And what is that sound after 6Krpm!!!!! Sweeeet baby! I love it..



Unknown said...

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