Stage 2 Turbo - JUN Lightweight Flywheel

Things just got better with the arrival of the lightweight flywheel from JUN this morning.

A one piece forged build made from Chromoly, JUN claims the flywheel is 200% stronger than normal while weighing in only at 4.6 kilograms.

It should go well with the ACT clutch kit and the Quaife Helical LSD later when we pair the engine back with the transmission.

Meanwhile, some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


llsaw said...


JimmyLee said...

The one which Garm is selling is even lighter.

9.46lbs - 4.2kg


8.64lbs - 3.9kg

Stock is about 15lbs.

I hope it wont be too difficult to drive haha

Anonymous said...

You do realize you got a street grade fly wheel. JUN's fly whell was designed for normal upgrade application and not racing. Not a very good choice for your application.

Also your ACT clutch was not the best choice either. It only holds 250-300 lb. of Tq.

These cars usually make as much tq. as they do hp. So if your going for 400hp your clutch may fall short.

Fidenza would of been a better choice on the fly wheel. It's aluminum with a chromoly pressed ring. It weight's half of what JUN's does.

Also the Fidenza 4.3 clutch holds 380 lb. of tq. would suite your purpose better.

Even OS Giken has a better clutch to choose from.

Just saying bro, looks like you didn't do your home work here very well and went more with name recognition on the fly-wheel.

Still nice parts just not the right ones for what you have IMO

Anonymous said...

i dun think he gives a rats ass about what you think, talk is owner I salute what you've done with the project so far, let nay sayers talk wut they wan....cheers broo

Anonymous said...

I think he does care. Which is why there is no response. So you can suck my rats ass you non-spelling Fuck

Anonymous said...

Hey, Chang it's Aras from TBR. Looking good Bro.

Although I will say The guy might be right on the flywheel. The Fidenza one is lighter.

Your clutch sould be just fine though. Only so many options out there for our 1nz-fe's anyways.

I'll get you more pics soon brother.

Chew Soon said...

hey hey chill guys, it's a long holiday here in Malaysia!

I just got back from Singapore for a short trip....

but seriously i really don't give a shit about what people think or say.

come on its a free country, everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

cheers, aras! looking forward to your pics.