Motul 300V

Motul 300V is Motul's premium top of the line fully synthetic engine oil with Double Ester Technology, and the entire range of oils were co-developed with the engineers of NISMO, Motul and Honda Mugen Japan GT Teams as well as the Subaru World Rally Team.

This is the oil not only I will swear by, so will GT Auto and their record setting Evolution III drag car, holding the fastest 0-400m drag time in Malaysia.

So, who else uses Motul 300V oil exclusively as their engine lubricant you ask? Just to name a few:
  • PRODrive
  • Formula Renault
  • Subaru World Rally Team
  • Japan GT Nismo
  • Honda Mugen Team
  • Ferarri 550 Maranello
  • Le Mans 24H
  • Formula 3000
  • FIA GT
  • French GT
  • Porsche GT
I could keep adding on to the list, but you get the jizz.

Toyota Vios turbo has been using it since day #1 and until anything better comes along, Motul 300V will be the only oil that will be going in and out of my engine.

Pricey maybe some will say? Yes, but you get what you paid for.

Motul 300V 5W40

Revised Suspension Settings

Couple of days back, I had my HotBits DT1 shockers sent back to Speedworks for a full service and I took the opportunity to have the suspension setup revised.

After 6 months of driving and testing with numerous setups, I discovered that the best setting to my likings for the spring force would 60-kg/cm for the front and 40-kg/cm for the rear.

So I had Speedworks revised my shockers together with the new spring setup and now its working flawlessly. The damping and rebound on the road is just nice and exactly to what I wanted.

As usual, not a single cent was paid for all the work done as the shockers are still under warranty, and on top of that I was given another 3 months warranty extension starting from the serviced date.

40-kg/cm force springs