Motul 300V

Motul 300V is Motul's premium top of the line fully synthetic engine oil with Double Ester Technology, and the entire range of oils were co-developed with the engineers of NISMO, Motul and Honda Mugen Japan GT Teams as well as the Subaru World Rally Team.

This is the oil not only I will swear by, so will GT Auto and their record setting Evolution III drag car, holding the fastest 0-400m drag time in Malaysia.

So, who else uses Motul 300V oil exclusively as their engine lubricant you ask? Just to name a few:
  • PRODrive
  • Formula Renault
  • Subaru World Rally Team
  • Japan GT Nismo
  • Honda Mugen Team
  • Ferarri 550 Maranello
  • Le Mans 24H
  • Formula 3000
  • FIA GT
  • French GT
  • Porsche GT
I could keep adding on to the list, but you get the jizz.

Toyota Vios turbo has been using it since day #1 and until anything better comes along, Motul 300V will be the only oil that will be going in and out of my engine.

Pricey maybe some will say? Yes, but you get what you paid for.

Motul 300V 5W40


GiUpO said...

I use oil Motul 300v 5W40 in my Toyota Yaris TS Turbo, this is a very good oil but I have notice that this oil in 1NZFE engine consumed easy.. in 3000km I have put in my engine a extra 1 Litre of Motul 300v.

Anonymous said...

What bout CONOCO?give ur opinion about it coz im using it for the past few years

Ivan54 said...

hi there bro . i have tried 300v before that i use HKS racing oil and my engine oil temp seems to be very high even though i am running HKS oil cooler kit already.afterwhich i switched to motul , it seems better but engine oil level seems to dip and eats engine oil.have my seals and rings checked and everything seems to be in very good i guess it seems to be the problem with motul oil .it might be a one-off case but it sure does happens to me.
currently using OWS turbo racing oil and everything else seems good.even with my rebuilt tomei stroker kit and running 2.4bar boost on hot track days , my engine temp nv exceeds 110 degrees.
worth a try bro.


Chew Soon said...

hi giupo, thanks for stopping by! hope you're able to find someone to takeover your CP pistons :)

u're a user of motul 300v as well huh? im alarmingly surprised at the the need to top up a liter in just 3,000km!

my last oil change was between 6,000km - 7,000km, was checking the oil level prior to that and everything was still ok.

hmmmm........wonder what could have caused that?

Chew Soon said...

hi anonymous, im terribly sorry as i've not used Conoco oils in the past.

but im pretty sure they're not bad either because i've heard good reviews about it from my friends.

maybe i'll consider using it in my other car and i'll try to give it a review later!

thanks for stopping by bro!

Chew Soon said...

hi bro ivan, think you're experiencing the same situation like our friend giupo up there, and u're definitely not alone.

i did think about whether could it the oil was too thin or something? perhaps instead of using 5W40 we can switch it to 10W40?

are u referring to the OWS oil from Germany? hey isn't that the oil N1 Racing used in the merdeka race in sepang? my friends kept telling me its good stuff!!

your car is really a monster man! wish to have a ride in it one day!

Anonymous said...

Ok bro thanks ;)

GiUpO said...

Hi bro Chang,
Thanks for iteresting at my CP pistons set :)
I have used the Bardhal XTC C60 5W40 Plus fullrene for 2 oli change and I'm remained very satisfied for good lubrication and consumption, 0.5 Litre in 10000km. I have try for curiosity a Motul 300v 5W40 oil and this have a optimal lubrication but the consuption is very anomalous...

smokey said...

hmmm reading this make me wanna know what wrong with it,does it has to do with the oil cooler connection not properly install or sometin? I am using M7 oil from mutiara motorsport,due to the climate here in our place.

Ivan54 said...

Hi bro Chang Chew Soon, yes thats the OWS from Germany.really worth a try .i am from singapore and the price difference between the motul and the OWS is just a thin margin of plus minus 5 bucks here.

my 05 STi is not monstrous , am sure there are many other scary sleepers around . cheers