Stage 2 Turbo Project - Garrett GT2560R

Update: Item sold.

This turbo is now up for sale at RM 3,200, please get in touch with me if you're interested. Only 1 left in the entire Malaysia.

We have decided to ditch the Garrett GT2554R turbo that we originally intended to use in favour for a larger Garrett GT2560R turbo.

This new turbo has a higher output rating of 330 horse compared to the 270 hp GT2554R, and they both share the same dual stainless steel ball bearing cartridge design and water cooling housing.

What I found it to be interesting is that this turbo is also known as the GT28R in some part of the world. Sometimes all these turbo names just confuses the hell out of me.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - CP Pistons & Crower Rods

The replacement pistons finally arrived as the previous pistons provided by CP was actually a high compression design, bummer!

However the Crower rods doesn't need to be changed though, lucky me.

Anyhow we'll be fitting in the pistons and rods this week and we should be able to slap the engine back together and move on with the rest of the project.

Guess I'll be practicing engine warming for cold starts in the morning in the future!

The box looks different from the previous design

SC7445 - 75 mm standard size
SC7446 - 75.5 mm oversized
So don't mix it up folks

Finally they got the specs right this time, deep dish design

9.0 compression ratio

Teflon coating on the piston skirts

Crower packaging

Crower billet rods

Marangoni Yaris - 318bhp Rear Engine Project

Yes ladies and gentleman, this is yet another 300 horse Toyota Yaris featured by Redline Magazine back in September 2007.

The car puts down 318 horse and a staggering 300 ft-lb of torque to the wheels, which is roughly around 41 kg-m.

However, the power does not come from the 1NZ-FE engine but a tricked out 3S-GTE engine transplanted from a Toyota MR2.

Although I am no fan of engine transplant (because I felt somehow its like cheating) however I think this is something worth checking out if it suits your style.

Please click here and here for more information on the project and pictures of the car, meanwhile here are a couple of pictures and a video for you to check out.

By the way, Marangoni is a tyre manufacturer from Italy in case you don't know.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Manual Transmission

The manual transmission arrived finally, we'll be dismantling it for a rebuild once the Quaife LSD arrives as well.

Hopefully there will be a buyer for the remaining TRD Vitz RS half cut where the gearbox was sourced from.

The engine block is also back from honing and we'll be fitting in the pistons and connecting rods soon.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Cylinder Head Porting

The engine has been dismantled and we are preparing the cylinder head to be sent overseas for CNC porting.

The camshafts will go through a regrind for a more aggressive profile, and the valve springs will be upgraded as well.

The cylinder head will be returned once it is ported and flow tested. 

I took a shot of the cylinder head while they were dismantling the engine, and was surprised to find it in squeaky clean condition.