Stage 2 Turbo Project - Preparation

We're currently preparing the groundwork for the engine rebuild, the engine block is now mounted on the stand awaiting us to start work.

The Golden Eagle sleeves has been honed, and you might also notice that the pistons are not the same set of Ross Racing pistons that I posted up earlier.

They are now replaced with a custom set from Ross Racing as well with revised compression ratio, and coated piston crowns.

Ready to rock and roll

The heat treated crank, pistons, rods, main caps and bolts

Honing job completed

Close up shot of the cylinder sleeves

Ross Racing pistons with customized compression ratio

Coated piston crown

Stage 2 Turbo Project - S90 Racing Throttle Body

Originally this post was suppose to go up back in April, but then I realized it was still saved in my draft folder until today.

Moving forward with the stage 2 engine rebuild, now that we're ditching the drive by wire system in favor for a cable driven throttle, we're upgrading the throttle body into something more reliable.

The S90 Racing throttle body will be a perfect companion to the Golden Eagle intake manifold that we would be using.

Made from CNC Billet Aluminium, this throttle body will be able to withstand up to 3 bars of boost without any issues.

The ball bearing shafts will aid in the respond of the opening and closing of the throttle plate, while the 70mm over sized body will be more than enough to allow compressed air to flow through the manifold.

Packaging box

Package contents

Side view of the throttle body

Frontal view of the throttle body

Rear view of the throttle body