Ross Vios Turbo

We have a new member in our family, a 2008 model white Toyota Vios manual fitted with GT Auto's turbo kit belonging to Dr. Ross.

Recently completed in GT Auto, with the Garrett GT20 turbo the car pulled over 157 PS with over 22 kg-m of torque at the wheels at a mere 0.6 bar of boost.

And still this is all done with the exhaust silencer installed! Nothing beats the benefit of having a manual transmission for maximum torque delivery.

This new turbo kit from GT Auto features an improved design where the intercooler piping routes are much more shorter.

Not only the response is quicker now due to the faster build up turbo spool, the engine bay also looks much more cleaner and stealthier.

If there is anything that you would like to ask about this car, besides myself you may contact the owner directly at

Besides the tuning of GT Auto, other highlights of the modifications includes the fitting of an E-Manage, AEM water/methanol injection kit, HKS SSQV III, Turbosmart Ultra-Gate38 external wastegate and the Wilwood Dynalite 4 piston brake kit.

Meanwhile, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Power: 157.87 PS @ wheels
Torque: 22.79 kg-m @ wheels
Boost: 0.6 bar

When you see this sticker, you know whats under the hood

Would you believe that this 1NZ-FE is forced fed if we didn't tell you?


AEM water/methanol injection nozzle

The Turbosmart Ultra-Gate 38mm external wasteagate

Wilwood Dynalite 4 pistons brake kit

Runstop rear conversion kit

M7 Super Street GT muffler with titanium tip

The AEM water/methanol tank

Body hugging buckets from SSCUS

Momo Tuner steering with Elevo quick release kit

Top right: GReddy Informeter Touch
Mid right: Shadow oil pressure and boost gauge
Lower center: Pivot 3-Drive, Pivot Speed Meter & Shadow Voltage Meter
Lower left: Apexi turbo timer

Stage 2 Turbo Project - ACT Clutch Kit

With the amount of horsepower projected by the stage 2 turbo kit, the stock clutch from the TRD Vitz RS Turbo transmission would not be sufficient to take on the new found torque ratings.

So we placed an order with ACT for a set of their 6 pad clutch kit and it took them more than 4 months to deliver it as they are currently on a long back order.

Featuring a 40% increase in clamp load, the kit is rated to have a torque capacity of around 300 Ft/Lbs or 40 kg-m at the crank.

ACT claims that the kit will still give the driver a stock to moderate pedal feel thanks to the spring centered disc design.

We hope it'll be able to cope with the new turbo kit or else we'll just have to stock a couple of the clutch kit on standby until we find a better one.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

GT Auto's guest data entry clerk updating the clutch kit in the stock system

Close up shot of the box

Part number for you guys to refer in the future

Contents of the packaging

The pressure plate

The 6-pad spring centered disc

The release bearing