Stage 2 Turbo - Work in Progress 2

The car is now back to GT Auto for more work to be done, however this should be the final work and we will be firing up the engine.

It also was nice to see Andrew from The N16 Files as he dropped by today to deliver more parts for his monster project.

Another mad fella in a quest to make over 400+ whp on his N16 Nissan Sentra :P

The intercooler pipings looks like bull horns to me from this angle

Front view of the engine bay

Side view of the engine bay

Tomei fuel pressure regulator with a 5 bar fuel pressure sensor added

A Haltech electronic boost solenoid is added to regulate boost with the Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40

The BeatRush Direct Brake System is now fitted, we'll know very soon whether this thing works or not

Right after the down pipe we have 3 O2 bungs welded
left: to be inserted with the dyno's wideband sensor during tuning
centre: Bosch wideband sensor for the Innovate LC-1 controller
right: stock O2 sensor which I have no idea why we are still keeping it