Stage 2 Turbo Project - Haltech IQ3 Display Dash

(Update 14/05): Sneak preview of the Haltech IQ3 display dash in action can be found here.

It was Toby's birthday today and we dropped by GT Auto to celebrate his birthday by bringing him to lunch.

Half way eating through, his phone rang and right after he hung up he said to me: "Woi, your IQ3 display dash has arrived."

Once we got back to the office, I was pestering him to open up the box so that I could see it with my own eyes.

The IQ3 was developed by Racepak specifically for Haltech to be used with their range of standalone engine management systems, it replaces all your gauges with one single digital display panel and it sources all its information directly from the Haltech ECU via a simple 2 wire CAN connection.

Information such as tacho, speed, water temperature, oil temperature, oil pressure, air/fuel ratio, boost, battery, air intake temperature can be displayed via the IQ3.

We're also planning to wire two pressure sensors to the nitrous bottle so that it can be monitored via the IQ3 as well. It also features a low glare LCD display with programmable shift lights and warnings.

With this unit now, I will be able to keep my dashboard gauge-less and for the wiring that is needed to link this unit to the Haltech Platinum ECU is just a simple V-Net cable.

So for those of you who wants a gauge free and with zero clutter dashboard, this display dash is for you.

Don't mind the JUN rods, they aren't mine

Frontal view of the IQ3 display dash

Rear view of the IQ3 display dash

Side view of the IQ3 display dash

Sample image grabbed from the Haltech website
(Source: Haltech Website)

This is how it should look like when its done
(Source: Haltech Official Forums)

Sneak Preview - Ohlins DFV

DFV is the acronym for the dual flow valve system, which is the latest innovation from suspension giant Ohlins.

It took them 6 years in the making to come out with a suspension that retains both comfort on the street with full racing capabilities.

Google is always your friend if you want to find out more about Ohlins and their DFV system.

And if you are wondering how much do they cost, the price starts at USD 3,000 and above.

JUN Auto Releases Connecting Rod for Toyota 1NZ-FE

Back in April 2009, I mentioned in one of my post that the president of JUN Auto Junichi Tanaka and chief engineer Keiichi Hatanaka paid a visit to GT Auto while they were doing up my turbo kit.

Right after they finished snapping pictures of my car, they told us that once they get back to Japan they will start the R&D of forged internals for the 1NZ-FE engine.

Well, apparently they weren't kidding when they said that. They just released their I-beam connecting rods for the 1NZ-FE 5 days ago.

Although their list price is more expensive compared to my rods from Crower, they are definitely cheaper than the rods from Pauter.

Check out their link here.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Haltech Platinum Sport 1000

Historically, standalone engine management systems are often seen as expensive and hard to tune. But that is the past, standalone ECUs has come a long way since then.

As part of our stage 2 turbo project, we're ditching the E-Manage unit and going full force with a standalone ECU from Haltech, Australia.

What you see here is a unit from their latest range of Platinum series, the Haltech Platinum Sport 1000. What we particularly liked about this unit is that it supports variable cam control such as the VVT-i.

For public information, GT Auto is the only recognized sole authorized dealer for Haltech in Malaysia as listed here in Haltech's website.

If the Haltech unit that you purchased was not from GT Auto or any of their recognized resellers, then you won't be getting any support nor warranty from GT Auto and Haltech so please be careful that you're not getting your unit from the parallel/grey importers.

Dyno Dynamics at GT Auto

If you are one of those who is always in a constant debate with others claiming that a load based dynamometer is more superior than an inertia based dynamometer or the other way around, look no further.

You can now go to GT Auto and find out for yourself once and for all with their newly arrived dynamometer from Dyno Dynamics.

This newly arrived dynamometer will soon be shifted over to their new extended premises very soon, and will be a great addition to their current dynamometer from Dynojet.

We're thinking of giving her the nickname of "heartbreak dyno".

Why? Well come on over and you'll know what I mean.

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Intercooler Upgrade

Update: Items sold.

Choosing the right intercooler size will make a lot of difference when it comes to the drivability of the car, and often bigger doesn't necessarily means its better.

Here we are with 3 rather large intercoolers, end up with the wrong size and it'll give you a whole new experience in turbo lag.

By the way all 3 intercoolers you see here are for sale at GT Auto if you are keen.

Top: 52cm x 23cm x 7cm
Middle: 51cm x 30cm x 7.5cm
Below: 44cm x 30cm x 10cm

Core thickness size of an iPhone

Bar & plate core design

Damsel in Distress

This Lancer Evolution 3 has been parked in my car porch for 2 days already due to a flat cell.

She is running on a Autronic SM4 standalone ECU and puts down a solid 650+ horse to the wheels on race fuel while 500+ horse on pump gas.

Some of you would have probably figured out who does she belong to, definitely not me :)

Sneak Preview - Cylinder Head Porting

Finally the cylinder head has returned from CNC porting overseas, I popped by GT Auto this morning to snap a couple of pictures before I took off quickly.

From the tag on the DHL box, it seems like the head was sent to someplace in California, USA.

I still do not have the specifications yet, all I know is that the head was CNC ported, had a 3 angle valve job done, the valve springs & retainers were all replaced with titanium items.