JUN Auto Releases Connecting Rod for Toyota 1NZ-FE

Back in April 2009, I mentioned in one of my post that the president of JUN Auto Junichi Tanaka and chief engineer Keiichi Hatanaka paid a visit to GT Auto while they were doing up my turbo kit.

Right after they finished snapping pictures of my car, they told us that once they get back to Japan they will start the R&D of forged internals for the 1NZ-FE engine.

Well, apparently they weren't kidding when they said that. They just released their I-beam connecting rods for the 1NZ-FE 5 days ago.

Although their list price is more expensive compared to my rods from Crower, they are definitely cheaper than the rods from Pauter.

Check out their link here.


Anonymous said...

wah After a year JUN have parts for 1NZ-FE beside Flywheel and clutch in their product line up.


Anonymous said...

sry for out of topic,but i hope can answer me thx....
i wanna ask Tmworks rev ignition is same as okada project?....and izit a good stuff to buy?

Chew Soon said...

its ok bro, glad to be of help.

basically, both of them are trying to achieve the same objective however their approach are different from each other.

the tmworks ignite rev works by adding a supplemental amplifier on top of your original coil packs, and you'll have to retain your original coil packs and mount them somewhere.

whereas the okadas are a direct swap of your original coil packs, plug and play without any hassle and the amplifier is built on top of each of their coil packs.

i can't comment how good the ignite rev is because i've only used okadas in my car and so far it has given me nothing but good results. what i do know is that the price of the ignite rev is probably half of the okadas.

what i can share is that some of my other friends who drives skylines and evos who are previously using the ignite rev has switched over to the okadas.

so you be your own judge and decide for yourself :)