Dyno Dynamics at GT Auto

If you are one of those who is always in a constant debate with others claiming that a load based dynamometer is more superior than an inertia based dynamometer or the other way around, look no further.

You can now go to GT Auto and find out for yourself once and for all with their newly arrived dynamometer from Dyno Dynamics.

This newly arrived dynamometer will soon be shifted over to their new extended premises very soon, and will be a great addition to their current dynamometer from Dynojet.

We're thinking of giving her the nickname of "heartbreak dyno".

Why? Well come on over and you'll know what I mean.


blink4blog said...

nice rims...

Chew Soon said...

self praise is no praise man :P

adrian.romen said...

only 90whp in a manual g2..

most other machines report at least 100+whp..

Chew Soon said...

that is why its called the "heartbreak" dyno my friend.

when the pictures were taken, we were playing with different loads hence the low horse reading.

anyways, that gen2 is fitted with a haltech interceptor and is now pushing out 115 PS at the wheels as of today :)

adrian.romen said...

ah hah... at 115whp on wheel, there's quite a few breathing enhancements on the car :D