GT Auto Special Tuning Package

This Toyota Vios turbo is currently pushing out a healthy 241 PS and 28 kg-m of torque at the wheels.

Originally bought with an auto transmission, it was swapped with a manual transmission and other than that, the entire engine is completely stock.

I just love how it felt to prove them wrong when I hear people telling me that the 1NZ-FE engine is weak and by turbo charging it the engine will be destroyed in a very short time.

As a frequent guest at the Sepang International Circuit, this car has been running well over 3 years with the turbo kit fitted without any problems at all.

The mechanical work was done by the owner's preferred mechanic, and once it was completed the car was immediately sent over to GT Auto to install their special tuning package which consists of:

1. Installation of the AEM water/methanol injection kit
2. ECU remapping for the Dastek Unichip Q+

Just a note, prior in sending in the car to GT Auto the owner has sold off every single piece of voltage stabilizer products he has in the car after realizing they do not contribute to a single horsepower at all.

And yes, GT Auto has finally gave in to remap the Dastek Unichip due to overwhelming requests from a lot of customers locally and overseas.

The AEM water/methanol injection kit has allowed GT Auto to squeeze a peak gain of over 60 PS and 6 kg-m of torque at the wheels!

Let me repeat, its a gain of 60 PS and 6 kg-m of torque at the wheels.

If you would like to know more about the car, you may contact the owner directly at or just drop me an email.

Alternatively, you could inquire GT Auto directly by sending them an email to if you prefer.

Carbon fiber bonnet

The custom intake manifold fitted with 4 additional injectors

The AEM water/methanol injection nozzle

The AEM progressive controller

The newly designed 200 PSI pump

1 gallon tank with built-in low level sensor

Blue: Without water/methanol injection kit
Red: With water/methanol injection kit

Peak gain of 60.15 PS

Peak gain of 6.29 kg-m torque

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Beatrush Direct Brake System

This direct brake system from Beatrush will prevent your brake master cylinder from flexing when you're hard on the brakes, resulting in a firmer and more direct feel when you're braking.

So if you're one of those drivers who brakes often and really hard, this is something for you.

Packaging box

Package contents

Part number for you guys to refer in the future

Stage 2 Turbo Project - Beatrush Under Panel

When I reached GT Auto this morning, I saw the DHL van parked right in front of their office. I knew it has to be something that I ordered arrived.

The moment I saw the packing with Japanese scribbles all over it, I knew the goods either had been from JUN, Moonface or Beatrush.

Turn out I was right, it was the under panel that I ordered from Beatrush.

There are 2 main reasons why I purchased it:

1. To generate additional downforce during high speed cruising
2. To encourage the flow of hot air out from the engine bay

(Source: Laile Co Ltd)

We'll see how well it performs when its installed. Meanwhile, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Packaging box

Package contents

Part number for you guys to refer in the future

A New Chapter Begins

I've recently picked up tuning lessons with GT Auto, and I'm looking forward to the day where I'll be putting my car on to the dyno rollers.