Stage 2 Turbo Project - Beatrush Direct Brake System

This direct brake system from Beatrush will prevent your brake master cylinder from flexing when you're hard on the brakes, resulting in a firmer and more direct feel when you're braking.

So if you're one of those drivers who brakes often and really hard, this is something for you.

Packaging box

Package contents

Part number for you guys to refer in the future


Unknown said...

i ordered that part! i got it and found out it doesnt fit! i have USA 2010 ABS model, i dont think it will work with my car. can you post picture of how it looks now with it installed?

Chew Soon said...

hi peter!

well, as you could see from my status its still work in progress and i've yet to fit the brake stopper in.

besides knowing that your car is a left hand drive and mine is a right hand drive, im not too sure what are the other differences between our car.

i do know that my chassis is NCP93, where this part is compatible throughout the NCP9x series.

probably it didn't fit due to your car isn't JDM spec?

do check out the following link by the way, it contains pictures of the brake stopper installed.

i hope it helps!