Stage 2 Turbo Project - Golden Eagle Intake Manifold

Christmas just got better with the arrival of the intake manifold from Golden Eagle Manufacturing.

Thanks to GT Auto, as Golden Eagle's authorized dealer they've worked together to developed this intake manifold for my car.

This is still a prototype.

The design of this intake manifold is not final yet as we'll be testing it and to keep refining the design until we get it right.

So I guess you won't find this intake manifold up for sale anywhere yet but if you're the adventurous type and would like to give it a try please do get in touch with us.

Or if you're interested in getting one when its ready, you could get in touch with GT Auto to place an early pre-order and get a discount off the list price when its up for sale!

And to copycats out there, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The intake manifold

We're quite impressed with the quality of the finishing

An peek into the inners of the intake manifold

The flange is made for the 60mm throttle body that we'll be using later


llsaw said...

Damn man.. Everytime I check your blog my brain and other unnamed parts of my body goes into overdrive and I have difficulty sleeping afterwards.. U da man!!!

Chew Soon said...

so how bro? want to do a not? just give us your stock intake manifold and we'll take care of the rest hehehe!

llsaw said...


U already have my entire engine so u know what to do :)

Abii said...

bro so can i sent my intake manifold too???? hahaha

this project of your is getting insane hahaha


Unknown said...

Bro are u sell that manifold i interest yo buy it

Unknown said...

Where can i buy this manifold...