Marangoni Yaris - 318bhp Rear Engine Project

Yes ladies and gentleman, this is yet another 300 horse Toyota Yaris featured by Redline Magazine back in September 2007.

The car puts down 318 horse and a staggering 300 ft-lb of torque to the wheels, which is roughly around 41 kg-m.

However, the power does not come from the 1NZ-FE engine but a tricked out 3S-GTE engine transplanted from a Toyota MR2.

Although I am no fan of engine transplant (because I felt somehow its like cheating) however I think this is something worth checking out if it suits your style.

Please click here and here for more information on the project and pictures of the car, meanwhile here are a couple of pictures and a video for you to check out.

By the way, Marangoni is a tyre manufacturer from Italy in case you don't know.