Revised Suspension Settings

Couple of days back, I had my HotBits DT1 shockers sent back to Speedworks for a full service and I took the opportunity to have the suspension setup revised.

After 6 months of driving and testing with numerous setups, I discovered that the best setting to my likings for the spring force would 60-kg/cm for the front and 40-kg/cm for the rear.

So I had Speedworks revised my shockers together with the new spring setup and now its working flawlessly. The damping and rebound on the road is just nice and exactly to what I wanted.

As usual, not a single cent was paid for all the work done as the shockers are still under warranty, and on top of that I was given another 3 months warranty extension starting from the serviced date.

40-kg/cm force springs


172 said...

Looking forward to see somebody burn down their shop soon! SUCKERS. HOTBITS SUCKS!

Chew Soon said...

LOL~~chill lah bro! im very very happy with my current setup now hehe! the cornering is awesome!

was out with a friend earlier to test out his suspensions, he's using Titan. we both test corners using our cars with full throttle.

the revised setup now is so much more better!

Mugil said...

hi, its great reading your blog. I love the mods and your idea of having a nice powerful sleeper as a daily driver.

I am also getting my engine rebuilt in GT, and hopefully will be bringing my Putra in for them to drop the engine in a month or two time. Hopefully we can meet up whilst we are there.

Its nice to know another petrolheade who appreciates what it takes to make the car "better" in all respects, PROPERLY.

I am Mugil by the way, and you can also see some of my updates on

do drop by if you have the time.

take care and best of luck in your car mods.

Chew Soon said...

hi bro mugil, thank you so much for your kind comments.

like you said, its really great to be able to meet someone like you who shares the same passion the way we all do about cars!

you're getting your car rebuilt in GT as well? well my friend I think you certainly chose the right tuner!

i'm taking time to read your blog, hope you won't mind me linking to it as well! :)


Mugil said...

yup, i believe is pretty good at what they do, just the waiting part. But I guess as they say, good things happen to ppl who wait...or something like that.

sure, you may link it. I do not update it with too much information nowadays, as I already had a bad experience before. So thats y I dont update it so regularly, although I feel like it.

take care.

smokey said...

by adding some super pro bushing will be awesome and fun to drive on touge or track, but it will not be so cool to drive it on normal wavy roads.

Chew Soon said...

yeah man, i've been looking around town trying only to find out that they've not yet came out with anything for my car so i guess just gotta wait sigh.

smokey said...

kaitenaz haven't got super pro for the new vios? I was wondering Are the ncp91 vitz bushing are the same as the new vios?

Chew Soon said...

well i seldom buy stuffs from them, i know the superpro main dealer here in malaysia and he told they've not came out for our cars yet.

say, how come i didn't thought about the ncp91 bushing? hmmmm.........

smokey said...

hope it fit bro, the last time i bought my front tower bar at autobac,so when i got back home i test it first on a vios 1st gen,whether it can fit ,well it fit perfectly. So my
$2.85 guess is that maybe ncp91 part could fit the new vios.

I am also looking for super pro bushing for my ride, the trd bushing package is already cost rm$1400 not including install and a picture of the mechanic singing karaoke.

Chew Soon said...

wow WTF RM 1,400 for the bushing package??? *faint*

smokey said...

yeah you can say that out loud hahaha! Pengsan + shock : penghock

Btw i was reading the previous month on your blog, what was interesting is reading about the haltech ecu that can control vvti,am i dreaming here? Is this similiar function like e manage ultimate + v manage kinda stuff? Or is it more than that? Sorry i get too excited hearing new stuff. I am a eager beaver. Would you sent me an info bout this haltech that you're planning to buy at my email , i have to buy a bag of sunflower now to calm my nerves down. (^-^)

Chew Soon said...

thats right my friend, the haltech platinum sport standalone is able to fully control your engine, including vvti.

its better than e-manage + v-manage in many many ways.

i've sent an email to you already :)

smokey said...

how much is it? And thanks for the email.

Chew Soon said...

its all in the email bro :)

alternatively, you can consider autronic SM4 as well. good shit!

smokey said...

yeah those stuff are top notch,popular in the aussie,even the fast 9 sec yellow drag subaru impreza here is using autronic. But the only problem here is you have to fly the autronic tuner to our place,coz ohura shumpei only tune Apex'i fc commander,casio calculator,ecutek,emanage,some piggy back like afc,safc and the f con series.

Ivan54 said...

sm4 are very good standalones.but as the saying goes , the ecu is only as good as the tuner.

i used to be on fcon V pro tuned by G*rage R.but end up didnt quite like the way they handle things.and the last thing i knew was the tuner locked my ecu.sourced around in Singapore and the fee to unlock it is pretty expensive and not worth the bought a used motec m800 instead and got it retuned at rhommel.
comes with all i need ,"flat foot shift" " launch control" " anti lag" "supports sequential shifting".


Chew Soon said...

bro smokey, i've heard of ohura san's reputation. i think if you pass him your car and asked him to put in a fcon vpro to your car he'll do wonders with it.

the latest v3.3 vpro if im not mistaken it supports variable valve timing and drive by wire as well.

Chew Soon said...

hi bro ivan, u're absolutely right. the ecu is only as good as the tuner. nevertheless, the SM4 is really a marvel.

Garage-R huh? well well, have heard a lot *not so good* things about them. am sorry to heard what they did to your ECU.

actually, i did invited them to come down to the upcoming SDB in sepang since they're making a lot of noise about their quarter-mile evo but they gave me some lame shitty excuse.

anyways, u're on a M800? wow, jesus christ that unit is really creme le da crop!!

damn, now i can't sleep at night :(