Sepang Drag Battle 2009 - Round 3

Yesterday while waiting for my car to be washed at Sunway I walked over to GT Auto's garage to grab lunch with both the master tuners Thomas and Toby.

The crew hasn't been sleeping for more that 48 hours as they were busy preparing the race cars and not mention the countless hours on the dyno machine tuning the cars.

So the following conversation happened while we were having fried kuey teow at the Sunway foodcourt.

Me : Eh bugger, you don't need to sleep ah? Wanna become god issit?
Toby : I still got 2 more cars waiting lah, how to sleep?
Thomas : You don't know meh, he drinks race fuel wan. No need to sleep keh.
Me : Like that when only you got time to do my internals and standalone?
Toby : If you can wait, year 2010 lor.
Me : Mahai, want so long meh?
Toby : Your pistons and con rods arrive liao meh?
Me : Yah, but currently stucked at the customs. Monday need to go settle.
Thomas : So tonight you going Sepang to see the drag battle ah?
Me : Wanna go but no kaki leh.
Toby : Tiu we both here not considered kaki ah?
Me : You didn't say you guys planning to go also?
Thomas : Ok lah, tonight you follow us to the pit lah let you experience a bit.
Me : Can can, I call David also.

We were then handed a pair of official GT Auto crew t-shirt and off we went to Sepang. I was pretty excited as how often do you get to be at the pit as a guest crew for the tuner of the fastest drag car in Malaysia?

We were stationed at pit 17, and we have our 10 second street legal Mitsubishi EVO 9 that won the previous round in the drag battle competing in class A and a new Honda CRX in Class C.

Unfortunately, both cars wasn't able to get any standings as our EVO9 was spitting out transmission oil and the CRX was having problems with the toe & caster setting resulting our driver wasn't able to full throttle due to unstable launching.

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