326 WHP Toyota Echo

I came across this video in YouTube and I thought of sharing it here with everyone.

I'm suspecting that this Toyota Echo is located in Puerto Rico as we can hear people speaking Spanish in the background.

I don't have anymore information about this car other than this video claiming that the car is boosting 23 PSI which is around 1.58 bar and puts down 326 PS to the wheels.

Anyhow it does look and sound fierce when the guys are doing a pull on the dyno.

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gaby tercel said...

hey guys i'm from Puerto Rico and i can't speak about this car in specific but a friend have a Toyota echo and since he started boosting it he was having problems but when he install the full programable ECU Haltech E11 and a module tat is needed for this the car was other runs very fast and i'm pretty sure it's over 325 hp but don't know at how much psi but i you're interested on the data i can get it to you or if you need something.