Toyota Vios Turbo vs AMG CLA45 S

I placed an order for an AMG CLA45 S back in July 2019, because of the customized color and no thanks to the covid-19 pandemic the car could only reach me just couple of days before New Year.

And it is not the New Year of 2020 but 2021 so it literally took them close to 18 freaking months to get the car to me.

Of course the title is a bit misleading here, I am not able to test the AMG against the Vios Turbo as of now as the car requires a run in period of 1,500 km before I can start trashing it.

However, I was able to test drive the AMG demo car at the Mercedes showroom during the day I collected the car.

Based on initial feeling, I think the AMG might not be able to shake the Vios Turbo off its tail on the straight in stock form, say for example a test of rolling start from 100 km/h to 200 km/h.

Of course this is totally just based on my own gut feel.

Don't get me wrong, the AMG is a nice all rounded car to drive with a lot of fancy features.

And of course, the Vios Turbo is only a car that could only go fast on the straight and that is about it. 

Not trying to incite any hatred amongst other AMG owners here.

So it is going to be a period of grandma driving for now and for God knows how long before I can run in the car as I am mostly working from home nowadays.


Unknown said...

Post review , din know u still keeping the 1nzfe

ae101rulez said...

Wow...didn't know u are still keeping that Vios. Congrats on that cla45