Little Drama

Smoked a 2.0 litre Honda Accord while I was driving to work this morning, this little drama occurred while I was driving inside the SMART tunnel.

I woke up slightly late today and traffic wasn't very loose, so once I got in to the SMART tunnel I started boosting and this Honda Accord who was 2 cars in front of me was driving very slow hogging the fast lane. The cars behind him are starting to overtake him from the left lane.

I know overtaking cars from the left lane is wrong, so instead of following what others did I stayed behind him but I turned on my signal lamp and flashed him a few times to indicate that I want to overtake.

I saw him looked me in his rear view mirror, and he just continue driving and pretended like nothing happened!

I stayed behind him for almost a minute, doing only 60 KM/H and there are already cars behind me whose following me closely and started flashing their headlights.

So I had no choice but to overtake him on the left lane, I know its wrong but I was rushing for work and if there is a policeman waiting outside the tunnel to issue me a summon ticket so be it.

The moment I cut in to the left lane and was just about to overtake the Accord, he speed up and was trying to prevent me from overtaking.

Fine, I slowed down and I stayed behind him thinking he might want to drive faster.

Again he slowed down to only 60 KM/H in the fast lane! *KNNCCB*

OK that really PISSED me off. I floored the accelerator and I overtook him from the left without giving him a chance to react, and after that I cut in to the fast lane and I'm now in front of him.

And once I overtake him you'll probably think that this is the end of the story and everybody happily moves on with their lives?

Well think again Dorothy.

Uncle Accord was upset that I overtook him and decided to tail me. His car was so close to mine I could swear he was almost kissing my butt!

A corner was coming up ahead so I floored the throttle and I was probably doing around 130 KM/H - 140 KM/H. Upon reaching the corner I lifted my throttle and I steered my way through.

Poor old uncle Accord thought that he could do the same as well, and when he realized that his car couldn't he was already losing his tail. His car was sliding outwards and I can hear loud tires screeching behind me.

I looked at the rear view mirror and if he doesn't do something about it he's probably going to crash to the sidewall.

Uncle Accord was lucky he was in the left lane when this happened, and there was room for his car to slide to the right. He slowed down and I could hear other cars behind him blowing their horn at him for his "Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift" stunt earlier.

I'm not proud of what I've did, as a matter of fact I was glad he didn't ran in to any accident.

However, I just can't seem to fully understand what is with those uncles driving big cars with big egos.

I always keep to the fast lane whenever I needed to overtake or drive fast, and I NEVER hog the fast lane as I always know there will be faster cars behind me.

I hope uncle Accord learned his lesson. Your car has a FAT ASS and it just got OWNED yo so don't even think about it next time.

Peace out and drive safely.


izzani said...

Hehehe... bro, try to make up your car so it will look like so furious. There will be more car try to challenge you on the road. Me myself had encounter many jack ass people especially wiralution, wajalution and miralution. And the end.. smoked.. haiz.. Maybe they think my Wish is a heavy car with uber cosmetic make up. Haiz.. they just realize when I fart them with the BOV sound, then they starting to slow.

Chew Soon said...

hehehe bro izzani,

i know what you mean but i think you and i are probably the same type, we keep our car as sleeper as possible from the exterior.

the farting with BOV seems to work a lot actually, most of the time when you sound it they'll just back off unless they themselves have a turbo under the hood then they'll probably want to check you out.

btw bro, hows your car doing now? still getting the CEL and lean error code?

izzani said...

yes,, gt auto/n1/jc racing also don't know how to solve.

I already clamped MAF sensors voltage. CEL still there after ECU reset.


K.M. Snapshots said...

Gud 4 u bro, now theres a use for that suspension and tyres afterall hehe

happend to me with a Satria, just accelerate in the corners and on the he cant seem to overtake me until exiting to a straight line hehe

Chew Soon said...

If I'm not mistaken, your Bank 1 is throwing a too lean error code right? The secondary O2 is only used to measure the cat efficiency so it should not be a trouble.

Are you still running the cat or you're already decat just like me?

Actually clamping the MAF sensor voltage is not the most recommended way. If you're building boost at very low RPM you might want to clamp the voltage the moment you build boost.

Getting a piggyback/standalone that can eliminate the physical MAF sensor and just simulate the voltage back to the stock ECU is actually a better approach. But then, you won't be able to fully benefit from the closed loop and fuel efficiency will suffer.

I read that you're trying to clamp the O2 voltage, just wanna share with you it won't work if you're just sending a constant voltage because there will be circumstances where the ECU is expecting a different voltage from the stock O2 and when it doesn't sees it then it will also throw a CEL.

Have you tried using narrowband O2 simulation? Something like the Innovate LC-1 or PLX wideband can do.

I'm sending back my car to GT Auto end of this month to wire my LC-1 output 1 for narrowband simulation. With this, I can tune the ECU to run any AFR I want during close loop.

Different from O2 clamp, the narrowband simulation is actually simulated via real readings from the wideband O2 so the voltage that you supply to the O2 is a moving variable rather than a constant value, which the ECU will also raise a CEL if it sees the moving of the O2 is abnormal.

If your wideband sees that you're running AFR of 12 example, you could program it to send in a voltage of 14.7 which is 0.45 volt and the stock ECU will be happy.

Do you have a OBDII scanner? If yes can you tell me what is your long term fuel trim value and short term fuel trim value? Look for LTFT and STFT.

If your LTFT value is already maxed out then yes your ECU will throw a CEL. Either too rich/too lean.

I'm currently using the Greddy Informeter Touch to monitor my ECU. It can be used to also clear CEL.

I'm surprised you said GT Auto wasn't able to help you. Did you leave your car there for a few days for them to investigate or they just tell you they can't?

I know that they are currently busy for the upcoming race that is why their schedule is pretty tight and they aren't able to take on time consuming jobs right now.

Chew Soon said...

haha bro sleeperv you're such a bad ass bully a satria :P

izzani said...

I don't want to think about CEL anymore. Last try still failed. I used o2 simulator device which i bought at KL. It's stimulate the same reading as stock AFR. So basically works as F-Manage just without any mapping. But the one shocked us is WHY the wire (ECU input) which supposed to received signal from O2 sensor had a READING 0.3 - 0.4 v?! It should only received readings, not giving!
And the weird thing is, when we connect the o2 simulator signal cable to ECU, it gave the different reading. Reading which is ECU generate! W. T . F??

At last no hope. I had ordered Haltech Platinum 1000 and it will be install soon. It will control most of 1AZ function except gearbox. So, I really pissed that I must let Traction Control and VSC system gone due to CEL

I just removed the LED and it's all gone virtually..

stalefish said...

oh fuck vtec just kicked in yo! :D

Chew Soon said...

bro izzani, sorry to hear that but don't give up so soon first.

if your ECU input has a reading of 0.3-0.4v that should be the offset due to groundings. that explains why when you connect the O2 simulator the readings are different. u need to offset it.

i know o2 simulator won't work so easily if its just giving constant readings, thats why devices like f-manage which allows you to send out O2 signals with mapping are so much more better.

even the skyline R35 ecu was defeated using f-manage.

anyway, im sad too that you're letting go features like traction control and VSC due to CEL.

one of the reasons why i haven't switched to standalone yet is because i'm still looking for the right standalone EMS.

not alot of EMS has drive by wire support also.

as for transmission control, you might wanna take a look at this:

izzani said...

Are you sure F-Manage will settle the problem?

F manage had how many O2 sensors output/input? I got 2 sensors, up and down stream..

Chew Soon said...

i have 2 sensors as well, the 2nd sensor is actually used to measure your cat so its not important.

if im not mistaken, it comes with 1 wideband O2.

don't just take my word for it bro, u can try google it up and read what have ppl been doing with the f-manage.

if u think closely, a e-manage ultimate + f-manage + v-manage u actually got all the features of a standalone already.

only hassle is that u need to have 3 physical devices mounted in the car instead of 1, i dont know why trust can't just combine all of them together to be one.

nowdays, the idea of unplugging the stock ecu and fitting a standalone is getting harder because of all the complications in the electronics.

even if u look at the haltech platinum for 350z and gtr35, haltech actually specifies that the stock ecu should be retained in order for the dashboard, alarm etc to function.

the rest will be taken over by the standalone.

the alternative approach is to flash/chip the ecu using products like ecutek or piasini, unfortunately seems like there's none for the toyota market.

look at hondata for example, their latest approach for those K20s hondas are also the same. instead of replacing the stock ecu, what they did was to flash the ecu to handle the basics, and then add on another ecu to control the rest.

take a look at this link if you want to find out more.

OBD2 vehicles are memang that kacau, add on to those complicated electronics like drive by wire, traction control etc.

blink4blog said...

1. Bro, is the corner marked the same spot of our flip-flop exit during the tunnel exit? maybe uncle accord should consider changing rubber to R1R.

2. if the innovate LC-1 works, i am on my way there man... muahahahaha...

3. bro izzani, could there be possible for room of wiring error that causes that? under normal circumstances, one that suppose to read when into write tells me something is definitely wrong. cheers

stalefish said...

most of time CEL comes on when you decat, you either have to relocate the o2 sensor or find someway to deal with the ecu.

well at least that's with the b-series, k-series and evos,we usually move it to the back of the test pipe and it fixes the problem.

angeline said...

Chang Chew Soon you are too obsess with your vios, no more modification for your car and no more racing

Chew Soon said...

oh fuck...

Rey said...

HAHAHA... I would do the same thing if I were you... :)

Chew Soon said...

haha, thank you bro rey for your support!