310 WHP Toyota Yaris

For my year 2010's first entry, this post is dedicated to Garm from Micro Image to show my support, respect and admiration for the amazing work that he has done to his Toyota Yaris.

Pushing out 310 HP and 273 lb-ft of torque to the wheels, the entire engine has been stripped and rebuilt with forged internals and is running a standalone engine management system from AEM.

273 lb-ft is around 37 kg-m, with that kind of torque and power to weight ratio I cannot imagine how would it feels like to drive this car out on the streets. But definitely it will be nothing short of spectacular.

I've obtained his permission to post up some pictures of his ride here, please check out his page if you wish to find out more about the project.

There's a video at the end of the pictures.


hamzah said...

Damn, the sound of it idling already just sounds so frightening and like a turbine engine!
haha :P

Anonymous said...

Bro just wanna ask you your BOT

BOT set

how much this cost you hope you wont mind sharing...

Chew Soon said...

do you have IM or email? it will better if we take this offline.

my MSN: changchewsoon@hotmail.com

smokey said...

woooah! 310hp, This is insane! To the owner: Its awesome,you gotta be proud of what you did on your 1NZ engine and having that kinda power is just absolutely super fun driving it on the street.

Anonymous said...

Whua, very fast meh LOL

Chew Soon said...

yeah man bro smokey, 310 wheels is really insane.

anonymous, maybe you have a faster car? :)

Anonymous said...

erm no traction?? hahaha
front wheel 310hp too much??

anyways keep up the good work!

JohnRMay said...

Toyota Yaris its inside largeness, toughness, flexibility, motor productivity are excellent.