Stage 2 Turbo - Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator

The car is now back for the final work to be done, which is fueling system & ECU wiring and then we can fire up the engine.

We've already got the fuel rail covered, and now that we're running the SARD 800cc injectors the stock fueling system will need to be converted to a return setup.

Things like the fuel pump and regulator will definitely need to be upgraded as well. We'll cover the fuel pump setup in a later post and focus on the fuel pressure regulator first.

Pictures are pretty self explanatory, basically it is a rising rate design made from billet aluminum so that it could withstand the harsh condition of the engine bay.

Just a note, fake items are everywhere and it is getting harder to differentiate them. Just make sure you get your stuff from a reliable seller/supplier or else you'll be running the risk of blowing your engine.


llsaw said...


I got the same fpr :)

Garage Equipment said...

Good luck for the project.Hope it will turn out ok so that it will have a good performance.