Cheap Horsepower

One advantage of turbocharged cars is that they can generally be modified to produce substantially more horsepower by just increasing the boost.

On any given turbo, generating additional boost is simply matter of having the turbo to spin faster which is primarily controlled via the waste gate.

When the Vios turbo first came out from the tuner back in April, it was only boosting 0.4 bar as we needed to observe the engine operations and it was only putting down 130+ to the wheels.

We then raised the boost to 0.6 bar and we gained an instant 10 horse making it 140+ at the wheels.

In June, we upgraded the stock coils to Okada Projects coils and we gained another instant 10 wheels pushing the final output to 150+ wheels with no change in the boost.

This also tells us that upgrading the ignition system is also beneficial as well, as we can see there are lots of products in the market such as the HKS Twin Power, MSD coils, Okada Projects etc but personaly I think CDI is the only way to go if you're planning to make some serious power.

Blue: 0.4 bar, Red: 0.6 bar
Green: 0.6 bar with Okada Projects coils

Currently, we're suspecting there is a leakage somewhere as we can hear noises from the cabin when the car is in boost.

We will find out soon enough when the car goes in for a full engine rebuild.

(Update 21/08): Turns out the exhaust gasket was cracked due to excessive installations and removals. Got it fixed and we're good to go again.


smokey said...

by seeing your progress, 1nzfe engine seem kinda interesting to mod, by the way any luck on finding any racing camshaft for 1nz? If there is that will be a must have parts ! Hehehe well can't wait for this project gonna boost up to 1.2 bar.


Chew Soon said...

bro smokey, nice of you to drop by :)

i know bullfrog and schneider makes cams for our 1nz-fe, but don't think im going to touch the cams for now.

end of the day, its just a daily driven street cars. the moment we touch the cams, im thinking the drivability of the car will be affected.

smokey said...

hehe i was thinking using sometin like 264 degree camshaft since it still can be driven on the street plus choosing a lower degree cam still can be consider normal and street use,above than that have to think twice huhuhu. playing turbo is really addicted like eating sun flower seed hehe

Chew Soon said...

by the way bro do you know how many degrees our original camshafts are? if its less than 264 maybe you're right we can consider fitting one in!

haha your last sentence really got to me, i didn't know eating sunflower seed can be addicting LOL~~~!

smokey said...

i did try to do a research on those 1nz cams,but no luck finding it, last nite i check those scheinederered cam... thats is one really hard word,so i was checking those site,they even make valve spring,retainer and stuff,that is awesome. But have to discuss with the company if they done any aftermarket 1nz valve spring,if they have already done it,that will be great and i will run and celebrate with tears of joy.

Chew Soon said...

well bro, i've talked to brashboy japan, their 320 horsepower yaris uses their own forged vavles, you can check with them if you're interested.

they quoted me 130,000 yen for the valves after discount.

smokey said...

woah dE brash boy supercharge + turbo charge vitz is 320hp?! This is absolutely good news. Allrite their valve may come in handy soon. I m planing on doing another project after i m done battle with the court of law { car fined by cops } and some few shits, once i m done with them,then hello modding world! Huahahahaha! ( evil creepy laugh ) Seriously i need to stop eating those sun flower seed.

Chew Soon said...

ah hahaha bro your comment damn funny!

bro don't tell me you're gonna go crazy on your mod by following brashboy's supercharge + turbo????

if you don't plan to raise your rev limit or just want to keep it around 7,000 RPM i think our stock valves are good enough to handle it.

sounds like you want to rev till 10,000 RPM???

smokey said...

8,000 to 9,000 RPM is my aim and hope 1nz can cope with that,so by doing that need to work on those drive shaft as well.

My 2nd project is to get another vitz/echo body shell,strip the whole interior,slap a roll cage, and story goes on.

Doing it like brash boy is totally insane bro,maybe i m gonna do it my way less insane but too much power huhuhu

Chew Soon said...

Oh wow 8,000 - 9,000 RPM huh yeah if that guess you need reinforced valves and valve spring as well. Now I know why you're looking for cams.

I think I like the 2nd project, hehehe drift drag car or track car eh hehe!

Anonymous said...


I am not sure why you spend so much time and money to get 150bhp with a turbo. Why didn't you consider E-power

E-power System
Up to 30% horse power gain
Up to 30% torque gain

blink4blog said...

Hi anonymous,

No offense but i found it hilarous that you ask such question and paste the link to a post that is questioning the credibility of e-power system?

Chew Soon said...

Sure man, I'm sure it not only gives you increase in horse power and torque, it actually helps you save fuel as well right?

I'm sure your car is also full of voltage stabilizers kits that also helps you to increase your car's performance ya?

You're heading the right way man, don't even consider putting on a turbo kit on your car, its such a waste of time and money.

Keep going, you need as many products like this as possible in your car.

I am sorry that you wasted your time reading my blog here, thing is we here do not give a shit about products like these, be it magnetic related or voltage stabilizers.

If it works for you, please by all means spread the good news to anyone.

Just not here =)