Stage 2 Turbo Project - Toga Bearings & AJUSA Head Bolts

The bearings and head bolts arrived yesterday, collected the package and had them sent over to GT Auto this morning.

When I showed it to Toby and Thomas they looked at them and gave me a weird and puzzled look.

Toby : Oi, what is this? Juan show him the ACL bearings!
Thomas : Eh? The bolts not ARP wan ah?

HELLO UNCLES! If ACL had produced bearings for the 1NZ-FE don't you think I would have bought it? And that goes for the ARP bolts as well DUH!

Then they proceed to show me a set of ACL bearings and ARP head bolts and boy I was so disgusted! :P

Anyways we opened up the package to examine the bearings and they seem to look fine. The Toga bearings are tri-metal cast copper lead with electroplatting babbitted overlay and they come with a 3 year/60,000 KM warranty.

AJUSA claims the head bolts to be higher grade than stock bolts, but they definitely don't measure up to ARP. However, they are indeeed heavier than the stock bolts.

Well we won't know how true those claims above are until it all goes in to the engine.

AJUSA head bolts & Toga bearings

The bearings are individually stamped

AJUSA head bolts


Anonymous said...

price?! hehe

smokey said...

More Goodies!!! i told you its like eating sun flower seed hahaha

Chew Soon said...

the bearings cost USD 119 and the head bolts cost USD 32.

ok bro, i'll take your advice and try out the sunflower seed next round!

smokey said...

bro how many days does it take to get those item?

Chew Soon said...

bro smokey it takes around 2 weeks, i had them shipped to singapore to avoid taxes.

if your country doesn't impose heavy taxes then you can ship directly to your house, they use air freight so its quite fast.

Unknown said...

So did the AJUSA head bolts hold up? I have a set for a Toyota, 1.8 L , 2001. The head gasket supplied was an eristic. No good reports from me on the eristic head gasket. It is leaking like a sive after only 30 minutes max run time.

Chew Soon said...

hi robert,

the AJUSA head bolts will be going in soon as i'm currently doing my engine rebuild.

as for the head gasket, i did not purchase them from AJUSA. am planning to use the original head gasket from toyota and see how it goes.

sorry to hear what happened to your head gasket, perhaps you might want to highlight it to AJUSA?

i have a friend whose running the AJUSA bolts, seems to hold up so far so good.

you check out his build at

Unknown said...

Hi All,

I just wanted to clarify, the head bolts from AJUSA seem to just fine.

The Eristic Head Gasket is the suspected failure point. I have heard many others complain about the Eristic Head Gasket too.

I plan on using the AJUSA head bolts and a FELPRO Head Gasket this time.

Thanks for the info.

Chew Soon said...

thanks for the information robert, please do let us know the outcome with the felpro head gasket will ya? :)

Chew Soon said...

hi reinaldo, thanks for dropping by and the comment. appreciate it :)

Anonymous said...

Toga bearings are crap. It's a lame attempt to be a JDM company.

Clevite makes a centerless gound bearing which is much nicer for the 1nz-fe. Less surface touching means more free flow for the crank.

Chew Soon said...

yeah u're not the first to say this, even my tuner has doubts about it.

well, we'll know very soon! :)

yue said...

hello there (:
I am very interested about Toga bearings. if I may ask, do you sell it sir? if so, can you sell it to me too? (:
FYI I live in Indonesia. please if you do not mind, tell me the price and shipping cost sir..

thanks for your cooperation sir, so sorry if my english so bad (: