A Peek in to GT Auto's Storeroom

Let me entice you with a little peek in to GT Auto's storeroom where they keep all their drugs, poisons and weapons of mass destruction.

Every time I step in here I will have a very strong urge to part away with all of the money in my wallet as I'll start behaving like a little kid in the candy store.

Gentlemen, welcome to Disneyland.

David: You know Toby you're the best, I mean it. I really do.
Toby: Mmmm, go on.
(Yeah keep trying bro, flattery won't get you anywhere)

There is a leak on the roof and whenever it rains they'll use the trophies to hold the dripping water

Remember the nursery rhyme "How much is that doggie in the window"?
(Just substitute the word doggie with turbo)

What are we having a snail fest?

Reminds me of the famous Indonesian Kalimantan bananas

AMS intake manifold, you know you want one.

Turbosmart external wastegate, I have one too.

Jun Auto's president Juinichi Tanaka was here before

Ross pistons & Jun camshafts, and some Clevite bearings behind

ARP bolts, screw one of them onto your girlfriend and she'll never leave you

Endless brake pads, endless stopping power

ACT clutches, use them if you don't want to have an overdeveloped left foot

Spark plugs & Innovate Wideband kit, without one your car is virtually blind

Damn, with these I can change my plugs every 3 months

PWR aluminium radiator, it'll give your engine frostbites

What the hell is a transmission doing here?

VTEC just kicked in yo!

According to Toby, just one sip of this and you can actually go on for 3 days without any sleep
(I heard the actors of Zombieland actually used it)


Unknown said...

woahhh... iam in disneyland

Chew Soon said...

indeed you are! :P

Anonymous said...

wanna ask supercharge and turbocharge which is better for our vios?

Chew Soon said...

there is not better or not when it comes to turbo charging or supercharging your ride.

you first need to understand the fundamental differences and characteristics between the both, then the question you should ask yourself first is which way suits you better.

GIUPO said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!
In Italy there are no stores like this :(
You're lucky my friend ;)

Vince said...

Really nice place.... Too bad i am in Ipoh.
But are you sure that 4-2-1 is for VTEC? The join is 1-3 and 2-4. For VTEc it should be 1-4 and 2-3?

Chew Soon said...

thanks a lot giupo, maybe you could open up a store like this in italy yourself!! :)

vince, you're right. from the pic the joint looks more like 1-2 and 3-4. wtff...?? i should check with them..


Firdaus Asri said...

Do they sell BKR7E (copper)?

Chew Soon said...

toby asked me to tell you to use iridiums better, rm200/4pcs :P

Firdaus Asri said...

haha that's Toby for you .... The reason I prefer copper ones is there some cases iridium ones have some issues with vw 1.8t. Will still give it a try though kekeke

hamzah said...

hey bro.
so long never update?

Chew Soon said...

yeah man, sorry been busy lately. updates coming up real soon! :)